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Post by Dan » 22 Oct 2003 17:50

What are the current estimates of Jews killed at Sachsenhausen? A politician said today that there were 10,000 Jews killed there. What are the total killed of all groups there?

TH Albright
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Post by TH Albright » 22 Oct 2003 18:07

the following is the year-by-year mortality figures for Sachsenhausen:
Year Deaths
1937 38
1938 229
1939 819
1940 3,892
1941 1,816
1942 4,968
1943 3,807
1944 2,347
1945 15,000 (estmated)

Total: 32,916

These figures did not include executions of unregistered prisoners subject to "special treatment", such as Soviet POW's and commissars. An estimated 5,000-8,000 Soviet POW's were murdered at Sachsenhausen in special execution areas of the camp. The 10,000 Jews killed you cited most likely died in the final 4 months of the camp's existence; they were transfers from the eastern camps, mainly KL Auschwitz, and died of various diseases, neglect and starvation upon arrival and shorlty thereafter; others were killed in further death marches once Sachsenhausen was evacuated. Until the final months of the war, Sachsenhausen, like most camps in the Reich, had a small Jewish population.

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