KZ and ... visits to bordellos

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KZ and ... visits to bordellos

Post by Aleksei » 31 May 2002 17:04


Vas is Das ?

Inmates were not paid for the work but were given “coupons” now and then to
buy things in the “Kantine”. . . . As the war progressed badly and the number of
workers declined, the KZ worker potential became important. Offers of
“premiums” and other advantages were made to the inmates, tobacco was
offered and even visits to bordellos. . . . In order that these scrips could not be
outside the camps, special money was printed.


Does anybody knows books published by bordello's staff?

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Post by Dan » 31 May 2002 19:56

The staff of bordellos aren't usually noted for literary tendencies. As the old saying goes,..... well, forget it.

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Post by Ovidius » 01 Jun 2002 18:14

SS guardsmen, Kapos and common law inmates used for work and surveillance over Jewish inmates had access to ad-hoc created brothels with Jewish female inmates as personnel.

The House of Dolls, written by a figure who signs only with his inmate number(Ka-tzetnik 135633, his real name having been apparently Karol Cetinsky), is based on the diary of a Jewish girl.
Ka-tzetnik based this book on a diary kept by a young Jewish girl who was captured in Poland when she was fourteen years old and subjected to enforced prostitution in a Nazi labor camp. Daniella Preleshnik, the protagonist, was in reality, Ka-tzetnik's sister. The events portrayed involve her life in the little polish town of Kongressia, in the ghetto, and finally in a women's labor camp...."Camp Labor Via Joy."

Apparently Ka-tzetnik's description doesn't fit reality, because he speaks about the girls being sent to brothels outside the camp, for the "enjoyment" of German troopers and other free guys. Which contradicts the idea that whatever happened to the Jews must have been kept secret from the German population and other European people.

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Post by Topspeed » 03 Oct 2004 07:46

Did SS also run bordellos in the camps or did I misunderstand this topic ?



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