Beheadings in the Third Reich

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Re: Beheadings in the Third Reich

Post by tomh » 22 May 2023 09:28

Pete26 wrote:
20 May 2023 03:53

Here is the list of fallbeil execution sites in the third Reich and number of people executed at each site:

Berlin Plotzensee: at least 2500 (1933-1945)

Brandenburg Gorden: 2743 (1940-1945)

Breslau(Wroclaw): at least 775 (1939-1944)

Bruchsal: 64 (1944-1945)

Butzbach: 7 (1933-1937)

Danzig: at least 4 (1944-1945)

Dortmund: 305 (1934-36) and (1943-1945)

Dreibergen-Butzow: 53 (1942 and 1945)

Dresden: 1356 (1934-1945)

Frankfurt-Preungesheim: at least 345 (1938-1945)

Graz: at least 156 (1943-1945)

Halle: 546 (1942-1945)

Hamburg: 468 (1933-1944)

Hannover: 3 (1933-1937)

Kattowitz (Katowice): 552 (1941-1945)

Koln: at least 1000 (1933-1945)

Konigsberg: no data (1936-1945)

Munchen Stadelheim: 1381 (1934-1945)

Posen (Poznan): at least 1680 (1939-1945)

Prague Pankrac: 1079 (1943-1945)

Stuttgart: 454 (1933-1944)

Weimar: 197 (1933-1945)

Wien: 1187 (1938-1945)

Wolfenbuttel: at least 516 (1937-1945)

Total executions for all 24 Central Execution Sites: at least 17336 (1933-1945)

Source: Hinrichtungen in Hamburg und Altona 1933-1944 by Andreas Seeger and Fritz Treichel

It is, however, noteable that not all these executions were by Fallbeil. At least in Plötzensee all executions up to the early months of 1937 were carried out by Handbeil.
Also, the 16 executions in Dreibergen-Bützow in 1942 were carried out with hand axe.

Plötzensee memorial
Wagner A. 2003. Die Hinrichtung der "Rostocker Plünderer" 1942 in Bützow. Zeitgeschichte Regional 7 Heft 2: 24-29

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Dresden fallbeil photos

Post by Pete26 » 24 Dec 2023 06:05

I have posted these photos individually some time ago. Here is an URL that has all of these photos grouped together. Individual photos can be enlarged to better see the details of this Tegel type fallbeil which beheaded more than 1000 people. Many of the victims were Czechs who were sent to Dresden to be executed before the Pankrac fallbeil was put into operation in Prague in April 1943. Slide 21 shows that 1069 people were executed in Dresden during the Third Reich era. Of those 732 were from Czechoslovakia. The Dresden fallbeil continued to be used even after WWII ended. One notable victim of this fallbeil was Johann Burianek who was beheaded in Dresden on 2 August 1952 at the age of 38. ... t/fallbeil

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Re: Beheadings in the Third Reich

Post by svenga » 15 Feb 2024 11:23

Belated Happy new year all..

It has been several years since i last posted, though i have been watching from the shadows.

An interesting image below, Mannhardt tables/bases in storage at the Bavarian national archive, five in total!

The same archive which happened to 're-discover' the Scholl fallbeil.

Any further information would be great!


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Re: Beheadings in the Third Reich

Post by svenga » 17 Feb 2024 02:13

Over the past few years, videos on this subject became more popular from amateur historians etc on YouTube. Much of the information and material is generic and follows the same narratives and facts, with the usual incorrect information and myths being shared.

One particular myth/suggestion got me thinking. Somewhere along the line it has been suggested that Reichhart 'invented' a restraining device, known as the double detective pliers or double criminent tongs. No source or evidence has been found for this claim and certainly no photographic evidence or physical artifacts. However, I wonder if this claim was spun from something pre existent within the prison and criminal justice service.. Say a pair of handcuffs/hand restraints

Please see below, these one handed, quick release handcuffs could be a possibility. The first set has german origins, the second set US.. Though something similar could have been used. Perhaps the assistants or atleast gaurds could have used similar handcuffs to provide quick restraint and avoid fumbling with keys.

Something to consider.



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