Japan's Crimes Against Women

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Re: Japan's Crimes Against Women

Post by manfredzhang » 05 Aug 2021 18:44

When we talk about claims that comfort women were forced slaves or were lured to work in comfort stations, I think it makes sense that we should take into consideration of the followings:

1, The whole Chinese/East Asian culture promoted filial piety and discouraged free will. If the so-called forced sex slavery was seen as war crimes, then every arranged marriage should be regarded as against one’s will and technically a rape case. It’s inappropriate to single out comfort women system from the whole Chinese/East Asian culture background and call it war crimes while completely ignored there were no free will given to the women population at that era. The US Army report confirmed the subjects who forced the women into comfort stations were indeed their own parents NOT the Japanese government/military.

2, The comfort women received very high monetary compensation. In other words, there was no motivation for the Japanese government/military to use force to recruit them. With that much reward, they could comfortably have many volunteers.
The comfort women who were described as ignorant, childish and not pretty in the US Army report received an annualized compensation equivalent to 200K-250K USD today.
For comparison purpose, Ontario sugar babies received an average monthly income of 2,400 CAD (Less than 24K USD on annual basis). Many of them are university students with at least average looking.
https://www.ubyssey.ca/features/sex-iss ... mum%20wage.

3, According to the US Army report,
The nature of this "service" was not specified but it was assumed to be work connected with visiting the wounded in hospitals, rolling bandages, and generally making the soldiers happy.

A medical care job e.g. visiting the wounded or rolling bandages would not repay one’s debt of hundreds of Yen at that time.

The most effective way to make a bunch of 17/18 year old boys whose testosterone level was at peak happy is to have sex with them.

Any adult with no disconnection with the society and with normal intelligence should have no issue to figure out what that statement meant.
Prostitution in any society is not regarded as a decent job. By using that term, the Japanese agents avoided embarrassment of the parents and saved their faces. This was not an intentional false statement but rather a more comfortable expression.

Comfort women were allowed to leave comfort stations once their debt was repaid. They were also allowed to have mail communication with their families. It is very hard to keep the nature of their work a secret.

4, Certainly the testimony of Dutch comfort women was very powerful evidence, one should be clear that white women were a fraction of the comfort women population. The vast majority of comfort women came from Japan, Korea, China and to a less degree other Asia countries. The majority of the comfort women came from a culture background as mentioned in the top.

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Re: Japan's Crimes Against Women

Post by michael mills » 06 Aug 2021 02:01

Thanks for that explanation.

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Re: Japan's Crimes Against Women

Post by Nikole McMullen » 24 Aug 2021 21:05

Too bad it wasn't available at the time. There's a lot of information about violence against women now. I found articles here on the subject of violence and the psychological trauma that occurred in the aftermath. Now women can be helped by a long course of therapy.

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