Auschwitz... have you seen it?

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Auschwitz... have you seen it?

Post by F.N. » 05 Jan 2004 11:41

Hi, I was wondering if you have been to the Auschwitz consentration-camps. If you have, what did you think? I visited the camps in september and that Birkenau camp was really big, I couldnt stop thinking about what it would have looked like during the time it was in use.

Does anyone know of some sites with pictures and information about these camps? If so, please post some links.


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Post by Mafiozo » 05 Jan 2004 13:22

I haven't been to Auschwitz, but I did visit Dachau near Munich and Matthausen near the city of Linz, not too far from where Hitler was born.

I also couldn't stop thinking about how the place felt during the war-time.
it has such a grimmy and sad atmoshpere, everything is so quiet, but yet, it's the beautiful austrian/german land, with all the green, and in the middle of it there are those horrible camps, a silent reminder to the very dark not-so-far past.

there are LOTS of sites about Auschwitz, looking about it on Google will bring you lot's of results.

Cory C
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Post by Cory C » 05 Jan 2004 15:31

Haven't seen it. I doubt I will ever go out of my way to see it or any of the other camps, for that matter.


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Post by WojtekK » 05 Jan 2004 16:36

Hi !

Here is link !!


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Post by RACPISA » 05 Jan 2004 16:48

Abdul Hadi Pasha
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Post by Abdul Hadi Pasha » 05 Jan 2004 21:40

I was deathly ill at the time, and it was the middle of winter. for me it lacked much impact, when compared to something more personal like the Anne Frank house, which I thought would be a stupid tourist trap but instead reduced me to tears

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Post by alf » 05 Jan 2004 22:18

Haven't seen it. I doubt I will ever go out of my way to see it or any of the other camps, for that matter.

Why not Cory? I am simply curious, you should never limit your quest for knowledge, its the fastest way to grow old before your time.

yes I have been there and yes I knew survivors.
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Post by Starinov » 05 Jan 2004 22:55

I have to been to Auschwitz twice. Once with a school trip and another time when I grew up. The second trip burst me into tears.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Phtotography Album

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

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Helly Angel
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Post by Helly Angel » 07 Jan 2004 01:19

This is very complete:

All the best,

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Benoit Douville
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Post by Benoit Douville » 07 Jan 2004 01:33

I have visited Auschwitz in 2001 and I my first impression was that the camp is so huge and it was not like I was thinking before I visited the Auschwitz camp. It is so huge that I didn't had the time to visit the Birkenau camp. I think every amateur historian of World War II had to visit this place one time in their lifetime, it is a sad but a unique experience.


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Post by Dan » 07 Jan 2004 01:53

I saw two death camps in South Africa, the first outside of Hopetown, south of Kimberly, and the second outside of Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State.

When I saw the long rows of babies graves, I was also misty eyed. A very valuable experience, and I recommend it.

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Post by Bernard » 07 Jan 2004 18:04

I saw it one year ago. It was really impressive. I took few pictures that I'll poste later, I have no time right now.

michael mills
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Post by michael mills » 08 Jan 2004 01:11

It is no wonder that the Birkenau camp is so large. It was originally planned to hold 200,000 Soviet POWs there.

Even so, it was not large enough to accommodate all the Hungarian Jews who arrived in mid-1944. Prisoner accounts describe huge numbers of Hungarian Jews camping out in the open air in the new section of the camp nicknamed "Mexiko", awaiting their transfer to construction sites in Germany.

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Post by 1812 » 08 Jan 2004 04:43

I have never been to Germany yet. I am going sometime in July and am planning on going to Dachau. (sp.)

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Post by varjag » 10 Jan 2004 11:29

Yes F.N. - I've been. If u think it's big now - what's left is less than half of what it was in 1944. Most of the barracks in the B I and B II, and all in the B III section (north of the rail-line) have been demolished as well as Krema IV and V and the 'Canada' buildings north of the remnants of Krema II and III. But - what remains and the knowledge of what happened there is surely food for thought and reflection.

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