Jewish women used in Wehrmacht brothels?

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Re: Jewish women used in Wehrmacht brothels?

Post by David Thompson » 31 May 2014 05:50

Webdragon2013 -- You wrote:
I'd have to find the exact quote.
Please wait until you are prepared before posting comments.

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Re: Jewish women used in Wehrmacht brothels?

Post by Skyderick » 01 Jun 2014 21:44

The usage of Jewish women in German military brothels is widely believed by scholars to be a myth, and that is my opinion too. I merely found this letter interesting because the girl's alleged Jewish blood was an excuse used to send her to the brothel. Obviously, she wasn't Jewish, and more obviously- a physician cannot determine whether a woman is Jewish or not by examining her body.

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Re: Jewish women used in Wehrmacht brothels?

Post by Webdragon2013 » 02 Jun 2014 17:44

David Thompson wrote:Webdragon2013 -- You wrote:
Please wait until you are prepared before posting comments.
So, it depends what we are talking about here.
Concentration camp brothels or Wehrmacht "Front brothels". Very different things.
- KZ brothels were for prisoners and German guards (Jews were excluded as prostitutes and as customers for racial reasons).
- Front brothels were for the soldiers and employed local women, although like I said, the WAFFEN SS (not all regiments) had special treatment with German women brought to the front.

Concentration camp brothels from the cases I hear:
1. Most women prostitutes came from Ravensbruck concentration camp which was German camp. So German inmates who either volunteered or were "enticed" to do this work. German women who are in KZ for one reason or another (associal behavior, etc). These Ravensbruck women were used across the KZ camp system as prostitutes. ... 32558.html
There is a quote in there about Jewish prisoners not being allowed into the Brothels and Jewish women not being allowed as prostitutes. Again this had all to do with being a stickler with German law which prohibited mixing. The non-Jewish prisoners could freely have sex with German prostitutes (French, English, German prisonners, etc...)

2. Auschwitz brothels. This was entirely internal system. This one I am a bit unfamiliar about, but German law as far as I know had to be respected (no mixing).

The case I talked about was not for this, but for field brothels for soldiers.
Local women were either forced or enticed to work in these brothels for enlisted troops.
Again German law code had to be respected (no Jewish women). Unless again the Jewish woman did not reveal her religion.

What I mentioned is that specifically for certain Waffen SS groups, women were brought from Germany. I believe it was for the LSSAH regiment. It was testimony from a number of soldiers verbally during a documentary on a subject, so I have to find it.

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