Axis nations reluctance to participate in the holocaust ?

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Post by Apocalypse_Now » 31 Mar 2004 06:19

Dan, refrain from calling me a child and spewing other insults when I have backed up my points with factual documentation, You are playing games, period.

You are simply avoiding all my questions and misconstruing my statements in an attempt to slimly get out of answering the questions brought forth. I will not repeat my questions that I have asked of you, you obviously have not been following the thread, for if you had, you would surly see your sly tactics at dogging the bullet.

I'm really sorry you prefer to play childish games and insult me, rather then civilly discuss the contents of this thread. You have with out a doubt proven you have some sort of complex or are just an unfriendly fellow. To bad, because you do not strike me as stupid, quite the opposite. I just wish you would channel this into productive posts, instead of name calling and "baiting".

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Post by David Thompson » 31 Mar 2004 06:51

Apparently the topic cannot be discussed without insults. This thread is closed.

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