Did the Nazis use prisoners as Christmas decorations?

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michael mills wrote:
Here is an interesting example of psychological projection on this very subject, taken from the Nazi periodical The Attack (Der Angriff) 26 Dec 1927:

The person parodied is the Jewish Commissioner of the Berlin Police, whose name slips my mind (Goebbels nicknamed him "Isidor", the name in the caption).

Goebbels constantly attacked the Police Commissioner for his supposed bias against the SA in his enforcement of laws against political violence. The claim made by Goebbels was that that alleged bias was due to his Jewishness, symbolised in the cartoon by the words coming from the gramophone.

The Berlin police, represented by the obedient dog, are satirised by Goebbels as being under Jewish control.

Dr Bernhard Weiss. Deputy Police commissioner of Berlin. In 1927 or 28 Goebbels attacked him in Der Angriff as "Isidor" in an article called "Why Vote fo Me?"

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