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Gas Vans - Just's letter to Rauff

Post by Angelo » 27 Mar 2002 07:15

Call me naive, Scott, but when reading a document like this, I can hardly believe one can seriously doubt about what's meant by those "euphemisms" or that the discharge flumes were actually the cause for the death of that "load" or "cargo" that was locked inside.

Unless it can be proved that paper is, with no doubt, the result of a forgery, I don't think we have the right to deny its value as an evidence of what happened.

Don't lose time to answer me, Scott, I didn't mean to interrupt your discussion with Medor, I'll just follow it with interest, but see, if you can,
handle that point in a real serious way, not just for the sake of debating, but to allow even not so skilled people like me, to understand how and why such a paper should be denied, in my opinion, aprioristically, a value that is so apparent.



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