Allied war crimes FAQs

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Allied war crimes FAQs

Post by David Thompson » 26 Jun 2004 01:27

I have started to put together this thread index to help readers and researchers in this section of the forum, and to try and keep the number of duplicate threads on the same topic from increasing. This is a work in progress, and is nowhere near complete. I will try to update it when I have the chance. If one of these topics interests you, please revive the old thread by posting on it, rather than start a new thread.

This is what I have compiled so far on allied war crimes:

Threads on allied war crimes
Are Allied "crimes" really equal to the holocaust?

Anglo-American War Crimes


Theory and practice of the allied warfare
Massacre of Waffen-SS soldiers by Allied forces in May 1945
Warcrimes Allies
Allied war crimes
War crimes in western desert campaign
Number of German POWs wounded & killed by US/UK troops

(UK + US) 1945 rape rating (estimated)
Robbery of German patents by western allies in WWII

Breitman's Discovery of Allied Decodes about the Holocaust
The role of the US - in the death camps
How early in the war was the reality of the Holocaust known

Bombing Auschwitz

Israeli President: "Allies should have bombed Auschwitz
FDR Knew About The Holocaust Early & The Plot To Spare N
The Bombing of Auschwitz

Auschwitz and Anglo-American Air Power: Historical Debates and Military Capabilities

Strategic Bombing

US Air Operations in Europe Apr-May 1945
Can the bombing of cities be considered as "Warcrimes"?
Dresden 1945
Dresden 1945
Bombing of Dresden
Destruction of Dresden
Dresden bombing & post-liberation Euro gas chambers
Dresden photos
USAF Historical Analysis of the 14-15 February 1945 Bombings of Dresden ... 620#304620
Surface and subterranean petroleum, oil and lubricant facilities in the Dresden area ... 916#395916
Churchill & Harris Terror Raids
Debate over UK WWII strategic bombing
Terror bombing -- The Nazis started it
US Strategic Bombing Survey (Europe) on bombing accuracy ... 939#395939
Carpet-bombing towns and cities

The Atomic Bomb

Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- War crimes?
Lessons of Hiroshima
The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb (1959)

Urban Combat

Was Manila the Dresden of SE Asia, and was that a warcrime?


Operation Keelhaul/Forced Repatriation
Allied War Crime Bleiburg
15th May 1945 - Bleiburg



Use of gas by Britain

Churchill's Warcrimes
Churchill, one of the greatest war criminals
Churchill and unconditional surrender

Treatment of POWs

Master's Thesis: U.S. Soldiers & POW Killing in the Europe
SS murdered by the British in 1940
KZ staff arrested at Belsen
Alleged massacre of POWs at Nahrendorf
Beatings of Field Marshal Milch by British troops in 1945
Allied war crime in Italy
German soldiers executed at Normandy
Danish W-SS POW executed by British forces 11 April 1945
Lynching of Luftwaffe airmen by British mobs

The SAS and Nazi War Criminals

Unpunished Royal Navy war crimes of WW1 & WW2


Incidents involving Canadian and German units in Normandy

New Zealand

German claims of Australian/New Zealand Attrocities on Crete
War crimes in western desert campaign



Did the US drop booby-trapped toys in WWII?

Treatment of POWs

45th (Thunderbird) Division during the invasion of Sicily
Were atrocities committed by the 45 (US) Division in Sicily?
Forgetting his character in no time
Warcrimes against 17th SS Goetz von Berlichingen
Slaughter of soldiers of the 17.SS-Pz.Gr.Div. "GvB"
GI executions of German POW
American & French (post) war crimes
Alleged massacre of POWs at Chenogne
Alleged massacre of POWs at Webling
US War Crimes and "Foot Soldier"
Alleged orders from Americans not to take POWs for a week
Seidler-De Zayas list of American war crimes

The US 45th Infantry Division at Dachau
Massacre of SS POWs at Dachau
Murder of Dachau guards
Dachau guards
April 30- The Day U.S. Troops Liberated Dachau

American troops 'murdered Japanese PoWs'

Eisenhower refused the SS surrender in Austria
Eisenhower's guilt?
50,000 Germans died in US captivity in one small area??
James Bacque's work on the deliberate starvation
USA dismissed Switzerland as protecting power of German POWS
Guess who’s Bacque
One million German POWs killed by US/UK?
Chock Full of Death; German POWs by James Baque
American and Franch (post) war crimes
German POW treatment by Americans
German POWs
Mass grave found near PWE 337 of Coltano (Tuscany, Italy)
Newspaper clipping file on postwar POW release controversy, beginning at: ... 904#602904
Mal-treatment of German POWs

The US and POW Labor in WWII

Western Allies hostage-takings in West Germany 1945-1947

Malmedy Massacre Investigation (Baldwin Report)

Postwar occupation of Germany

Morgenthau Plan
Plunder in postwar Germany
JCS 1067 and US military government in Germany
Archives of the US Army in Europe
Soviet containment and Marshall Plan
Documents on the US Occupation of Germany 1945
US policy and Nazi war crimes 1943-1946
Mobility, Vigilance, and Justice: The US Army Constabulary in Germany, 1946-1953 ... 43-DOC.pdf

Internment of Japanese-Americans

The decision to evacuate Japanese-Americans in 1942
Concentration camps in USA during WW2
Japanese internment
Concentration Camps - In the USA...
American Concentration Camps in WWII...
American concentration camps
Japanese Evacuation From the West Coast ... ard-5.html
The Relocation Program ... index.html

French War Crimes:

SS French troops killed by "free French" forces
SS-Charlemagne Denkemal
American & French (post) war crimes
General Juin's proclamation to colonial troops to rape

Miscellaneous allied war crimes:

What war crimes did the allies admit to?
Czech government acknowledges unacceptable 1945 events
French & Canadian troops
Rapes committed by Germans, Allies & Russian Bolsheviks
Plunder in postwar Germany
Camp guards killed by inmates
Has an allied war criminal ever been sentenced?
German guard beaten up by inmates
US War Crime?
Allied war crimes against Germany's Axis allies
Allied rapists
Treatment of women who had relations with Germans in Europe
Jewish revenge on SS]
Brutalities against noncombantants and Germans
Eichmann in Jerusalem
Bush at Auschwitz compared to what Hoess said
About Rudolf Hoess
Something interesting about Hoess's confession
An odd statement by Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz
Crimes against humanity and crimes against Germany
Was the killing of Admiral Yamamoto a war crime?
Internment of enemy civilians

Okinawan women may have been raped
War crimes commited by Allied forces against the Japanese?
Japan's Comfort Women (and US Comfort Women)

Crimes attributed to Italian partisans

The US Army and Italian partisans
Crimes of the Italian partisans
Civilian casualties of Italian partisans, 1943-45

Crimes attributed to Yugoslav partisans

Crimes of the Yugoslav Partisans
Tito: war criminal?
A documentary (banned from) Slovenian TV
Allied war crimes Bleiburg
15th May 1945 - Bleiburg
Mass grave of Partizan victims near Zagreb
Foibe! Tito's Infamy

Crimes attributed to Czech partisans

Czech crimes?

Polish War Crimes:

My comments on Polish atrocities against the Germans
How did that Polish-German atrocity discussion turn out?
In the past, undeniable truth . . . and now?
Der Bromberger Blutsonntag
Polish atrocities against Germans
1939 Polish-German atrocity
Polish brutality against ethnic German civilians in WWII

Polish troops in Falaise

Poland faces up to the horror of its role in the holocaust
Poland and the Kristallnacht
Poles blamed for wartime massacre
Polish views of Jews during WW2

Soviet War Crimes:


Circumstantial proof of planned Soviet crimes against Germans
Know of any books about NKVD war crimes?? (Except Katyn)
"Stalin's War of Extermination" by Joachim Hoffma
Nazi v. Soviet Terror in Poland
KGB quotas?
Stalin's holocaust was worse than Hitler's?
Soviet Genocide and mass murder
Soviet Russian Execution Orders
Soviet crimes out . . .
A serious question about Russian war criminals
Why double standards?
Ukrainian genocide
Ukrainian Holodomor Genocide/Famine of the 30's
Crimes of Lenin & his government
Pre-war crimes of the NKVD
Books and sources on Soviet mass starvings and/or genocide ?
Red holocaust
Murder of Russian children by Red Army Troops
Holocaust an evolution from the Bolshevik de-kulaktization?
Terrors of Soviet regime - documented facts
Polish historian Bogan Musial on "Judeo-Bolshevism"
For "General Anders" [Nazi v. Soviet Occupations of Poland]
Stalinist mass killings
Allied War Crimes : The Dragoun Mission
Massacre in Lvov, Ukraine 1941
From Russia with Lvov
Zuroff’s latest
Nazi Camps were used by soviets for murdering german citizen
NKVD execution grounds at Toksovo excavated
Stalins purges: Responsible for 20 million deaths.
Some NKVD/GULAG statistics
Stalin's crimes -- How bad were they?
Stalin's regime never condemned for the crimes during WW II
Summary of the Report on Deported Nations
Soviet Death Toll in WWII As A Whole
Deaths attributable to the Stalin regime

Massacre in Lvov, Ukraine 1941
Soviet clearing murders 1941

Killer Submarine [sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff]
Wilhelm Gustloff

Let Soviet era war criminal be brought to trial
Investigations in Baltic countries
Latvian prosecutions of Soviet war criminals

Treatment of POWs

USSR and Geneva Convention ... 0#p1163550 ... 2#p1039022

Of 120,000 soldiers from 6th Army captured, only 5,000 return
What happened to Germans who surrendered at Stalingrad?
Does anyone know how many German POWs died . . .
Another example of Soviet murder of POWs
So what was survival rate of German POWs in Soviet Union?
German POWs murdered in Broniki, Ukraine, in 1941
Soviet Union murdered German prisoners of wars
Wounded German soldiers murdered in Feodosia, Crimea 1941
Soviet atrocities on German POWs in early phases of war
Captured Helferinnen used as sex slaves?
Warcrimes of Soviet partisans at Finnish front 1941-44
Bolshevik partisan ferocious brutality against German POWs
German PoWs forced into slave labour by Soviets
Usage of German PoWs by the Soviets on the battlefield
Did the Russians rape German POWs?
Did the Geneva Convention Make Any Difference ... 4&start=15
The Last Known German Soldiers to be Released from the SU
German soldiers in Russian captivity since the 1970s

Wartime atrocities in Kresy-Siberia

Desecration of German graves by the Red Army

Soviet Documents on POW Treatment 1939-1956

Katyn Forest

Katyn - 1944 Soviet special commission report
Katyn -- the IMT spat
Katyn -- the 1943 O'Malley report
Katyn – 1952 US Congressional findings
Katyn -- Maps
The Katyn testimony of Eugen Oberhauser
The Katyn testimony of Boris Bazilevskiy
The Katyn testimony of Victor Il’ich Prosorovski
The Katyn testimony of marko Antonov Markov
The Katyn testimony of Reinhard von Eichborn
The Katyn testimony of Friedrich Ahrens
Katyn, Injustice and the IMT
Katyn mass murder question
The Soviet war crimes against Poland: Katyn 1940
Document related to the Polish POWs in USSR 1940
US report about Katyn delivered to Poland?
KATYN - an un-punished war crime !
Soviet Responsibility at Katyn: pro and con
Perpetrators of the massacre in Katyn forest
Katyn Massacre Documents
German ammo at Katyn forest

Germans Hanged for Katyn
A False Confession Made by a German POW under Torture?
Germans executed for Katyn

Rapes and other crimes against German civilians

Russian raping of liberated Jewish girls and women
Rapings committed by the Soviet soldiers
Information about pre-planned Soviet mass rapes in Berlin
German rape victims find a voice at last
"They raped every German female from eight to eighty"
Proof of pre-planned Soviet mass rapes in Berlin
Red Army rape row
Nemmerdorf example of pre-planned Soviet atrocity
German Male survivors after Berlin and Eastern Front
Should Russia seek apology for Soviet war crimes in Germany?
Red Army Killing and Rape Crimes on German Soil

Russians in Germany
Eye-witness account of Soviet atrocities on German civilian
Soviet atrocities on German civilians were pre-planned
German civilians were used as slave laborers by the USSR
Atrocities against the Germans by the Soviet Union
Nazi camps were used by Soviets to murder German citizens
Soviet atrocities on German citizens were pre-meditated
Stalin wanted to use German civilians as slave laborers
200,000? Ethnic Germans deported from eastern Europe to USSR
The Soviet Army in Germany in Soviet Documents

Proof of NKVD organized looting in Soviet zone of Germany

Creation of GDR a Soviet war crime?

Postwar Expulsions:

9 million Germans expelled?
The fate of ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia
Notes from a Land of the Dead [Poland]
Father, shoot me [Poland]
Soviet forces encouraged the expulsion of Germans
Expulsion of German-speaking people from Alsace-Lorraine
Fleeing the Red Hordes
Czech Parliament Decision [on Expulsion of Sudeten Germans]
Soviets Order Volga Population Exiled to Siberia
Polish President condemns "Operation Vistula" [postwar expulsion of Ukrainians]
Polish authorities hunt down fascist German pigs
How about... Jewish warcrimes?
Polish brutality against ethnic German civillians in WW2
How did that Polish-German atrocity discussion turn out?
Let Soviet Era War Criminal be brought for trial
Poland faces up to the horror of its role in the Holocaust

Russian crimes against Latvians

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