Kampfgruppe Peiper's war crimes in Ardennes (16.12. 1944)

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Forum intolerance

Post by giordansmith » 19 Dec 2007 08:14

Having an informed discussion about any historical event involves the discussion of whether or not the events under discussion actually took place. For example, if you hold the position that there was never an historical Jesus, there is no point talking about why he was crucified. Stifling discussion of such matters on the pretext that it involves the injection of personal opinion into historical debate is a fairly blatant pretext for the injection of your personal opinion, which is that all atrocities blamed by Allied reporters and tribunals actually took place. Since, for example, the Allies went along with the Soviet view that the Germans were responsible for the massacre of Polish officers in the Katyn forest, we know that the Allies often lied for propaganda reasons. Sixty years later, Allied lies are as up for discussion as any other lies. Your position only endangers the viability and integrity of this forum as a place for the serious discussion of issues connected with the war. If you seek to use it as a forum for pushing Allied propaganda you should rename it accordingly. (The Allied Propaganda Forum has a nice ring about it.) However, no person with a serious interest in World War II would bother with such a forum, and I think the reason that this forum is dishonestly titled would seem to reflect that.

Quite simply, as a serious WWII researcher - as my latest three-part article on the 'last days of the Third Reich' published in NEXUS magazine proves - I don't care whether you ban me from your forum or not. Serious researchers prefer serious forums.

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Post by David Thompson » 19 Dec 2007 08:18

giordansmith -- The forum was created for the purpose of providing our readers with sourced information and informed discussion on historical issues. Most of our readers understand, appreciate and value the opportunity to find more information, which is why the forum has a large membership and many more visitors.

A small minority of posters have, from time to time, tried to use the large AHF audience to advance their various political points of view, personal notions, and/or an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. To discourage this, the forum administrators adopted a set of rules. These rules forbid provocative or disruptive behavior and require the use of sourced information in forum discussions. As a general proposition, sourced information is always preferable to a poster's unsourced notions, suppositions, oracular pronouncements or fantasies. This is the purpose underlying the sourcing rule, which applies in all research areas of the forum.

Posters who offend against these rules are typically warned, although in extreme cases they may be banished outright. After a warning or several warnings, in the sound discretion of the moderator, further missives from that poster which do not conform to the rules or advance the forum purposes are routinely deleted. Since our readers understand and appreciate the concept of assuring quality posts, the sourcing rule has been well-received, and only a very few posters have objected to providing sources when asked. For most posters, sourcing is part of being taken seriously in a discussion, so it's done as a matter of course.

As you put it yourself:
Serious researchers prefer serious forums.

Rob - wssob2
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Post by Rob - wssob2 » 26 Dec 2007 20:07

Wouldn't it be a good idea to prove that the massacres at Stavelot actually took place before trying to assign responsibility for them?

I have a big problem with this alleged massacre, not least because the claim is that 93/100 civilians were murdered for no reason at all. Why would the Germans have killed civilians for no reason? Wouldn't they have been better off concentrating their efforts on fighting the enemy or hunting down partisans and saboteurs?

Unless it can be proven that these killings actually took place, I'm tempted to dismiss them as the product of the imagination of Capt. Melvin Handville, the Detachment Commander of the US Army, 30th Infantry Division Counter Intelligence Corps.

Can anyone provide names for the victims, photos of their corpses, locations where they are buried today and affidavits from relatives clarifying the circumstances in which they went missing?

Here is some information for you.

Here is a photo of a Allied war correspondent looking at some of the victims


You can read Capt John E. KENT's (1st Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment 30th Infantry Division) account of the massacre at http://www.criba.be/index.php?option=co ... 9&Itemid=4

For a first person account of the massacre see p.264-265 The Bitter Woodsby John S.D. Eisenhower

http://books.google.com/books?id=XfAGAQ ... 65-IA15,M1

The 9-month old baby killed by W-SS troopers was named Bruno Klein-Terf. the oldest civilian killed by the SS troops was 78 year old Josephine Grosjean-Hourand.

The supposedly reasons for the W-SS shooting the civilians was a) they made too much noise b) the sheltered US troops c) they were suspected partisans or resistance supporters

Here is a photo of Reverend Francois Ernes conducting a graveside service for the victims:


There are at least two memorials of the victims in the town itself - one to 26 civilians murdered by the Germans 19 December 44
& plaque at the Town Hall to 157 civilians murdered by the Germans. You can contact the Town Clerk at http://www.stavelot.be/ to verify this information.

A list of the murdered civilians from Stavelot was part of the trial documents submitted for United States vs. Valentin, et al.

You don't seem very good at serious research, given your ignorant dismissal of a massacre when documentation on it is readily available on the net.

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Post by Penn44 » 26 Dec 2007 21:39

giordansmith wrote:Quite simply, as a serious WWII researcher - as my latest three-part article on the 'last days of the Third Reich' published in NEXUS magazine proves - I don't care whether you ban me from your forum or not. Serious researchers prefer serious forums.
From Nexus magazine's own site:
NEXUS is an international bi-monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of: Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth's Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-Ups.

Indeed, this magazine is a serious magazine for the serious researcher. For example, it has an article by an Italian fellow who claims cancer is caused by a fungus, but can be treated by an antifungal agent that can't be patented.

Here are some other great articles from this serious magazine:
- "Healing with Urine Therapy."
- "The Alien Autopsy Film: Facts vs. Armchair Research
- "Urine Therapy: Your Own Perfect Medicine."
- "MAJOR JORDAN'S DIARIES: Proof the Cold War was a Hoax?"

Will giordansmith's seriously researched article on the Third Reich be next to an article on UFOs and crop circles?

Some people need to forego the urine therapy and take their lithium.



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Post by David Thompson » 26 Dec 2007 23:13

Let's get back on topic.

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Re: Kampfgruppe Peiper's war crimes in Ardennes (16.12. 1944

Post by PF » 04 Mar 2011 19:01

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Re: Kampfgruppe Peiper's war crimes in Ardennes (16.12. 1944)

Post by Gun-EUCMH » 16 Dec 2020 18:50

Lipton wrote:
17 Jul 2004 21:11
I did some searching and found many topics about Malmedy but no topic about other war crimes committed on American P.O.W. by Kampfgruppe Peiper in Ardennes:

19 American soldiers from 349. Regiment of 99. Infantry Division are captured and murdered

The soldiers murdered in Honsfeld were members of the 620th Tank destroyer Battalion not the 99th Infantry Division

An unknown number of American P.O.W. is murdered. Before it, they are ordered to refuel the German tanks

(extract eucmh.com)
Shortly before the 3.SS-Panzer-Company arrived at the Army small airfield near Büllingen on Dec 17, six or eight unarmed surrendered American prisoners of war were seen walking along the road toward the rear of the Kampfgruppe. Between the airfield and Büllingen the crew of a half-track belonging to the 3.SS-Panzer-Company fired into two separate groups, each consisting of 5 to 8 unarmed and surrendered American prisoners of war. Other groups were shot by other 3.SS-Panzer-Company men, in the Büllingen vicinity. An American PW, a flight officer was shot to death near Büllingen after he had been interrogated by a man called Preus, commander of the 10.SS-Panzer-Company. In Büllingen, the commander of the 1.SS-Panzer-Company, mentioned to 8-10 unarmed Americans, who were shot. Two American PW’s were shot by the member of the 10.SS-Panzer-Company at about 0800 on Dec 17. In Büllingen, a German soldier (Rieder) of the 9.SS-Panzer-Pioneer-Company shot a woman (Frau Anton Jousten). About a kilometer beyond Büllingen, in the direction of Thirimont, 3.SS-Panzer-Company men shot 6-8 American PWs.

At least 100 American P.O.W. are machine-gunned. 20 of their comrades are able to escape

(extract from eucmh.com)
Elements of Kampfgruppe Peiper arrived at the 5 roads intersection (Five Points Crossroads) in Baugnez, between Malmedy and Ligneuvile, between 1200 and 1400, Dec 17. The Crossroads is located about four kilometers southeast of Malmedy at a point where one road leads down to Malmedy, another to Hedomont, another to Waimes, and another to Ligneuville. Elements of Kampfgruppe Peiper captured personnel of the American 285-FAOB. German armored vehicles, a tank, and half-tracks were moved into position to fire upon the Americans. German armored vehicles proceeded along the road opposite this group of American prisoners. This unwanted shooting of surrendered and unarmed prisoners of war was carried out by element of various units of the Kampfgruppe Peiper.

8 American soldiers are murdered after being taken to the captivity

(extract from eucmh.com)
After leaving the Crossroads the German column resumed its advance toward Ligneuville. At this place, Hotel des Ardennes, about 1600, Dec 17, 8 American prisoners of war were shot by personnel of the 9.SS-Panzer-Company.<br>

Bagatelle (or still Baugnes?)
12 Americans are killed while emerging from a building that was burnt by the Germans

I have never heard about PWs killed in Bagatelle. This sounds almost impossible because the crossroad of Bagatelle lays about 500 meters from the crossroads in Baugnez and if someone would have started to fire the 285-FAOB column would have stopped and would have fired back or at least going to cover or back to Malmedy.

John Macdonald: Great Battles of World War II

What happened in Cheneux? According to the book SS-Leibstandarte at least 10 paratroopers from 82nd Airborne Division were killed in hand-to-hand combat with one company from 2. Panzer Grenadier Regiment SS, but I’m sure that I somewhere read that they were beaten to death.
In Cheneux there were no killed prisoners because there was a butchery, man-to-man fight mostly with combat knives. Everything was red, the grass, the road, the men the deads and those still alive. (source 1 Paratrooper of the 504-PIR/82-Abn which was there and was wounded). I saw this man twice in Belgium and once in Florida. This man was crying while telling me the story.
(Gunter) Doc Snafu, is a Belgian citizen born (accidentally) in Aachen, May 4, 1955.

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Post by Gun-EUCMH » 16 Dec 2020 19:27

Lipton wrote:
18 Jul 2004 12:14
Patrice, thank you very much for this informative post, I will look for the book.
Do you know if the paratroopers in Cheneux were killed in bayonet duels or captured and murdered?
(Gunter) Doc Snafu, is a Belgian citizen born (accidentally) in Aachen, May 4, 1955.

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