The "Woldemaras Supporters" of Lithuania

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The "Woldemaras Supporters" of Lithuania

Post by David Thompson » 10 Oct 2004 05:01

This collection of documents can be found at "Document 2952-PS: [Woldemaras Supporters] [translation]", in Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume V: US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1946. pp. 655-656.

It would be interesting to know if the "Woldemaras Supporters," as Nazi hirelings, had anything to do with the pogroms mentioned in Dr. jur. Stahlecker's Einsatzgruppe A reports two years later.

ZU R.M. 33 g.Rs.

During the last 1 1/2 years, Lithuanian activists, under the name of Woldemaras Supporters, have asked German offices repeatedly for support in the matter of weapons and money through the mediation of Memel confidence agents of the foreign office and the State Police H.Q. in Tilsit. Imminent large scale plots to seize power were always pointed out with these requests without anything ever happening afterwards.

Thorough investigations have shown that the so-called "Woldemaras Supporters" are composed of persons who are dissatisfied with the Government of the Lithuanian President Smetana for the most varied reasons. A certain uniformity exists merely in the rejection of the friendly disposition towards Poland of the intellectual circles, as well as the Christian Democratic Party, which at present is decisively represented in the Lithuanian government. It has not yet been possible to identify the presence of a definite policy in the leadership of this group. No connections worth mentioning exist with Woldemaras, who lives in France, writing religious compositions and receiving a small pension from the Lithuanian government on the condition not to return to Lithuania and to remain quiet politically. It must therefore be considered as extremely questionable whether this group of activists, with whom the name "Woldemaras" is hardly more than an advertisement, will attain political influence in the near future. It is not in the interest of Germany to weaken the position of the Army Commander Rastikis, whose influence on the political direction of Lithuania is increasing. On the other hand it is not disadvantageous if the friendly endeavours towards Poland meet with active opposition.

The Woldemaras group has occasionally been supported, for these reasons, with the approval of the Foreign Office [Aussenamt] by small amounts of money (amounts of a few hundred marks) so that its activities and its developments could be kept under observation. Support through the delivery of arms, aircraft and motor vehicles which had been asked for at different times, has not been given. It will be appropriate to adopt the same practice in future as well. Support on a larger scale will offer prospects for success only at such time as the Woldemaras group has shown that it is in the position to create the basis for an effective intervention in Lithuanian politics by itself.

With regard to the pogrom-plans of the "Woldemaras Supporters" it has to be said that for some time past the Lithuanian government has been working successfully towards the elimination of Jewry from Lithuanian economy. This has resulted in an ever-growing increasing emigration of Jews during the last years. The Jews have always been excluded from Lithuanian public life. The preparation of pogroms could easily lead to a disturbance of this well planned development, which is gratifying to us.

Berlin, 7/19/1939.



[Added in handwriting]

I support small regular payments, e. g. 2000-3000 marks quarterly.

[Signed] W



The Reichs Fuehrer-SS Chief of Security HQ.
III 1123 AZ: g.Rs.
/39 POS./Kt. [Stamp]

Foreign Office
Rm 38 g. Rs. received 6/29/1939
1 Encl.

[stamp] Most Secret

To the Reich Foreign Minister SS Major General [Gruppenfuehrer]v.Ribbentrop
Wilhelmstrasse 63. Berlin W. 8.

Dear Party comrade v. Ribbentrop.

Enclosed please find a further report about the "Woldemaras Supporters". As already mentioned in the previous report the "Woldemaras Supporters" are still asking for help from the Reich. I therefore ask you to examine the question of financial support, brought up again by the "Woldemaras Supporters", set forth on page 4 para 2 of the enclosed report, and to make a definite decision.

The request of the "Woldemaras Supporters" for financial support could, in my opinion, be granted. Deliveries of arms should not, however, be made, under any circumstances.

Heil Hitler!

Yours Heydrich.

F 12 348.

* * *

Translation of Extract to RM 33

Most Secret

In the middle of May it was decided to form a secret Lithuanian national socialist party. Its leaders are the most trustworthy members of the "Woldemaras Supporters". The direction of the work within the Officer's Corps is said to be in the hands of old members of the "Woldemaras Supporters". Besides that, they are said to have one assistant who is on the personal staff of President Smetana. In order to make full use of antisemitic feeling in Lithuania it is intended to stage pogroms against the Jews. The sum of 100000 Lit (about 41000 Mark) is required for this illegal work. Besides that a leading "Woldemaras Supporter" is enquiring whether the Reich would send weapons as well. The reply was given to the effect that money would possibly be provided but weapons, however, would definitely not be delivered.

The fight against the Jews would result in a further increase in the escape of Jewish capital, causing Lithuania to be more dependent than ever on the German market.

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Re: The "Woldemaras Supporters" of Lithuania

Post by Andrew E. Mathis » 18 Apr 2017 23:35

Hi David,

Have you or anyone come across the originals of these docs or know where they might be found?


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