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Sergey Romanov
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Post by Sergey Romanov » 15 Oct 2004 07:51

But the first name, "Reinhard", was chosen because it was the name Bruno Heydrich had given to the hero of the opera "Amen" composed by him. That name was definitely "Reinhard", not "Reinhardt", as can be easily checked by looking at the scores of the opera "Amen", which still exist.

All the above information can be found in the Heydrich biography by Günter Deschner.

"Aktion Reinhardt" was accordingly not named after Reinhard Heydrich.
Non sequitur all too typical for our amateur rightist historian. By all means, read the above link. It destroys Mills' reasoning. The sad part is that Mills knew about it even before he wrote what he wrote.

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Post by steve248 » 15 Oct 2004 15:11

an excellent book has been published on Aktion Reinhardt in Germany this year -

Bogdan Musial (editor)
"Aktion Reinhardt. Der Völkermod an der Juden im Generalgouvernement
Fibre Verlag, Osnabrück (2004)
isbn 3-929759-83-7

available through http://www.amazon.de at around $30 plus postage.

(no pictures)

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