Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Galicia

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Post by michael mills » 21 Oct 2004 02:45

Joseph Poprzeczny's 439-page Globus biography Odilo Globocnik- Hitler's Man in the East (ISBN 0-7864-1625-4).
Mike Miller,

Can you provide any further information about the above book, eg publisher, year and place of publication.

I would like to follow it up, as it sounds very interesting.


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It was published as a first edition softcover by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640 ( in 2004 (a very limited print run- only a couple thousand copies, if memory serves; got mine for $45.95 [U.S.] via ). Written by the columnist Joseph Poprzeczny who lives in Perth, Western Australia. Certainly the most detailed work on Globocnik yet written.

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~ Mike

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Thanks for the information, and especially the tip-off about the Australian collection.

Since the National Library of Australia collects all works by Australians, I looked up its catalogue, and it is there.

Looks as if I am going to be camping out in the public reading room for a while!

I will be particularly interested to see if the book contains some hard information about the "Befehlsweg", the chain of command leading to the establishment of the extermination centres for Jews in the Generalgouvernement. That is the aspect that I have always found the most hazy.

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Here is some more information from the book by Joseph Marcus, "Social and Political History of the Jews in Poland, 1919-1939", one of the sources for the statements made by me in my first post on this thread.

1. On the falsification of the 1931 census.

Page 17:
The truth [about the 1931 census] eventually surfaced, but not before the whole problem [of the minorities] disappeared. After the Second World War, Professor Edward Szturm de Sztrem, who was at the time of the 1931 population census chairman of the Polish Central Statistical Office, is reported to have admitted that the returned 1931 census forms, especially from the south-eastern provinces [ie galicia], were tampered with by the executive power, although to what extent is unknown.

Nor is it known if the faked figures also reduced the number of Jews.
Marcus' source for the admission of falsification by Szturm de Sztrem is:

Zbigniew Landau and Jerzy Tomaszewski, "Robotniczy Przemyslowi w Polsce" [Industrial Workers in Poland], (Warsaw 1971), pp. 86-87.

2. The flight of large numbers of Jews from Galicia in 1915, and the eventual grant of Polish citizenship to the Galician Jews.

Page 13:
The process of material improvement and upward social mobility of the Jews was halted by the First World War, and the loss of life and property it caused. Military operations stretched over most of Polish territory and the damage equalled about one-eighth of total national wealth. The Jewish population suffered proportionally heavier losses and nearly half a million Jews fled westward before the invading Russian armies.
Marcus' source is:

American Joint Distribution Committee, Reconstruction Committee, 'Report of May 15, 1924' (New York, 1924).

On page 417, Marcus states that the naturalisation of 600,000 Jews had taken place in 1928.

These were the Jews of Galicia who had until 1918 citizenship of the Austrian Empire. After Polish forces had occupied Galicia at the end of 1918, the Polish Government refused to grant Polish citizenship to the Jews of that territory, in particular to those who had fled in 1915 and were refugees in Austria and Hungary. In 1928, it agreed to give then citizenship as one of the conditions imposed by the Allied and Associated Powers for recognition by them of Polish sovereignty over East Galicia.

3. The flight of Jews in 1939 from the German-occupied zones of Poland to the areas annexed by the Soviet Union.

Page 434:
For, even under Nazi occupation it was possible for several months to take flight. Indeed thousands availed themselves of the opportunity, slipping away, in circumstances often more puzzling than hazardous, across the frontiers - mainly to the Russian held part of Poland. The decree from the Government General that forbade the departure of Jews was formally dated as late as October 25, 1940. In practice, illegal departure became very risky several months before that, but at least until the spring of 1940 there was a lively, uninterrupted traffic, back and forth across the frontier. (Many Poles and some Jews returned from the Russian side during this time.) The guards on both sides turned a blind eye to this last mass opportunity to escape extermination.
In regard to the movement across the frontier to the Soviet zone, Marcus provides this Note 68:
That this happened, as some suggest, under a tacit agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union is possible, but it is not supported by any documentary evidence. Cf. Tatiana Berenstein and Adam Rutkowski, 'Przesladowania ludnosci zydowskiej w okresie hitlerowskiej administracji na okupowanych ziemiach polskich (1/9/1939 - 25/10/1939)', Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego, no. 39, July-September 1961, esp. pp. 73-77.
4. F inally, some comic relief.

Page 426:
Between May and August [1939] (earlier the censor would not allow such stories), the Heint [ a Jewish newspaper in Yiddish] reported several times that Hitler was critically ill, and, each time, to underline the gravity of his illness, a Jewish doctor had been called to his bedside as a last resort. After the "Steel Pact" was signed, bringing Italy closer to Germany, Mussolini, too, was said to be dangerously ill, with the inevitable Jewish doctor called to his bedside too. As Hitler was, none the less, still alive and well, the Heint of August 16 arranged a wedding for him. Once married, the newspaper explained, he would become more moderate.
Ah Eva, if only you had put your foot down and forced Adolf to the altar! Think what a bloodbath Europe would have been spared!

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A post discussing the passage of a transport of Dutch Jews through Galicia now has at thread of its own, at:

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