The German Army and the Einsatzgruppen

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Directive From Commanding General of the XXX Corps, Defendant von Salmuth, 2 August 1941, Concerning Participation of Soldiers in Operations Against Jews and Communists", in Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals Under Control Council Law No. 10. Vol. 10: United States of America v. Wilhelm von Leeb, et al. (Case 12: 'The High Command Case'). US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1951. pp. 1219-1220.
Partial Translation of Document NOKW-2963, Prosecution Exhibit 1303.

Headquarters XXX Army Corps
Section Ic
No. 628/41 secret
Corps Headquarters
2 August 1941
Counterintelligence Directive No. 4
[Handwritten] 22d Division Ic 552/41, secret 20 August 1941, Distribution A,
20 August 1941, [Illegible initial].

* * *

2. Participation of soldiers in operations against Jews and Communists: The fanatical intent of the members of the Communist Party and of the Jews to delay the German Armed Forces at all costs must be broken under all circumstances. In the interest of the security of the army rear area it is therefore necessary to take severe measures. Sonderkommandos have been charged with this mission. At one place, however, members of the armed forces participated in such an operation in an unpleasant manner.

For the future I order--Only those soldiers will participate in such operations who are expressly ordered to do so. I also forbid all members of the unit subordinate to me to participate as spectators. If members of the units are ordered to participate in such operations, they must be under the command of officer These officers are responsible for ensuring that no unpleasant excesses are committed by the troops.


Down to companies.

The Commanding General,
[Signed] Salmuth.

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