American war crimes at Vietnam (use of Agent Orange)

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American war crimes at Vietnam (use of Agent Orange)

Post by Panzermahn » 17 Jan 2005 05:45

Americans had committed a series war crimes during the Vietnam war by using biochemical weapons (in this case, Agent Orange) despite that they had signed Geneva and UN treaties outlawing biochemical warfare..Doesn't this make them no difference that the Iraqis who used chemical weapons at Kurdish people and Iranian people in the 80s?

And not forgetting the (in)famous American war crime, the My Lai massacre by Lieutenant William Calley and his company...And in retrospect, it is not much different that the Das Reich destruction of Oradour..

Lieutenant William Calley and his men suffered casualties by VC ambushes, therefore, in reprisals, massacre 100+ Vietnamese villagers (including a baby)..And yet people always talked about Waffen SS reprisals, baby-murderers (belgian baby hand cutters - WW1)

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Post by David Thompson » 17 Jan 2005 06:20

Panzermahn -- Your post above is nothing but an unsourced opinion, which is prohibited by the section rules at . You've been warned many times about this sort of thing, and should know better. Do a competent job of research before you post, or don't post at all.
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