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Paddy Keating
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Post by Paddy Keating » 09 Sep 2002 11:01

You read me wrong, my cactus-gazing clown. I'm very far from being a leftist. And I'm also very far from being anti-American. But I detest your current administration and what it stands for. And so does the vast majority of people around the world. It's significant that as soon as the Bush Administration got in on a rigged result and started dissing everyone right, left and centre, the towelheads unleashed their suicide squads against the WTC. Go figure...

Your president is trying to plunge the world into a new war. Do you know what war is like? Have you ever seen war? Clinton may have been a draft-dodger but at least he dodged the draft in a clear and open manner, unlike GWB whose daddy bought him a commission in the Air National Guard so that he would be nice and safe at home. Don't you tub-thumping Republicans see any relevance in the fact that the sole member of GWB's cabinet who is against starting WW3 is also the only one who has first-hand experience of war?

I would be very surprised, Roland, if you had any personal experience of war and butchery, you keyboard warrior you!


Prosper Keating

OK, Marcus, you can lock this thread now that I have replied to Roland's rude, offensive post in that other thread. [/b]

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Post by Marcus » 09 Sep 2002 13:14

I closed that thread for a reason, have any further discussions on this by pm or email, not here.


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