Rape of Nanking

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Rape of Nanking

Post by Tycoon2002 » 06 Jun 2005 22:35

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Post by David Thompson » 06 Jun 2005 23:05

Tycoon2002 -- This is your first post, so I won't delete it, but you have made an insulting generalization from the behavior some Japanese involved in the Rape of Nanking to all Japanese generally. We don't permit that sort of generalization here. Please review the H&WC section rules carefully before you post here again. You can find the rules at:

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A. Civility

The first rule of the forum is: "No insults are tolerated (that includes serious national and religious insults)." Personal remarks in posts are discouraged, and personal insults are forbidden here.

There has been a lot of stimulating information exchanged on this forum, and some excellent discussions of controversial points. With few exceptions, the participants are thoughtful, serious people. If you find an argument is flawed, point out the flaws and the evidence to the contrary, and leave it at that. There is no need to resort to insults which do not prove your point. If you disagree with a contributor, please use your energy to show why his argument is mistaken. This will improve both the tone and quality of our discussions.

National and religious insults are forbidden by this first rule of the forum, as are racist remarks and slang expressions for ethnic, religious or racial groups. Remarks containing insulting generalizations about nationalities, ethnic groups, societies or religious groups and practices are not permitted here. This includes remarks about collective responsibility.

Nonconforming posts are subject to deletion without warning. Serious breaches of these rules are punishable by banning the poster.

If any reader feels that an offensive remark has been directed at him or at some national, racial, ethnic or religious group, and I have somehow missed it, please send me a PM directing my attention to the statement.

For previous discussions in this section of the forum specifically on Nanking, see:

Warcrimes in Nanking 1937


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Post by Tycoon2002 » 06 Jun 2005 23:38

Sorry, I apologise, what i meant was the occupying Japanese forces in Nanking, all any other country they committed crimes in e.g Korea or the Philippines.

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