French War Crimes Proceedings

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Re: French War Crimes Proceedings

Post by danyb » 26 Oct 2019 10:02

ansata1976 wrote:
31 Mar 2019 22:20
What was the crime of
Georg Hempen (27. 06. 1905 in Eckernförde) death sentence 10.04.1951 in Metz (in absentia)
Hans Georg Schmidt (30.05.1902 in München) death sentence 1950 in Metz (in absentia)

i have:
Georg Hempen born on the month of july.
Hans-Georg (Johann) Schmidt born on the year 1912.

source: T.M.P. Metz. 10.04.1951; jugement No 179/7274


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Re: French War Crimes Proceedings

Post by steve248 » 26 Oct 2019 16:54

Georg Hempen
This probably has something to do with it: Hempen was “Leiter des Sondergefängnisses der Geheime Staatspolizei im Fort Queuleu (“Göben”) bei Metz...bis Mitte Februar 1944” when six prisoners executed.

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