German Aircraft carriers

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German Aircraft carriers

Post by John Withill » 18 Nov 2020 12:04

HI guys.

Many years ago I bought "German Capital Ships of World War 2" By MJ Whiteley . There is a short chapter on the Kriegmarine's plans to build a range of Aircraft carriers. ( See Pages 63-82 majoring on the never commissioned Graf Zeppelin ) and other would be projects. On page 77 there are speculative drawings of "Atlantikflugzeugkreuzer's Aiii and Aiv and on p78 examples of 13,000 Tonne and 15,000 Tonne small carriers. Sadly these are without any form of more detailed reference despite mentioning a PLAN.... really frustrating . Has anyone out there got anything more precise ?

Would be really grateful .


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Re: German Aircraft carriers

Post by Andy H » 18 Nov 2020 15:53

Hi John

This will add some detail, just click in each ship type for more details ... index.html

Also theres this interesting paper, but I dont know if youll be able to access it anywhere
The Kriegsmarine and the Aircraft Carrier: The Design and the Operational purpose of the Graf Zeppelin 1933-1940 A: Marcus Faulkner P: War in History 2012.


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Re: German Aircraft carriers

Post by Thoddy » 22 Nov 2020 14:54

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