Weichsel 1943/u-boat training

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Weichsel 1943/u-boat training

Post by Secretstuff » 25 Feb 2019 07:09


Im looking for information on who was on Weichsel 1943, my granpa was in kriegsmarine and came to Sweden october 1943 on the depot ship Weichsel. And also if there was u-boats that followed that ship during that time?

He used to train people aswell for escaping u-boats, and i wanted to know if you needed to be an officer to train people for that and if there is any information on where they did that and possibly names on people who did that?

Im sorry for the weird questions but my granpa got into Sweden on a fake identity and never told us his real name, so im trying to go on the information iknow.


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Re: Weichsel 1943/u-boat training

Post by Atrevida » 23 Apr 2019 01:18

As an author and translator over the last twenty-five years, I am only too aware that this subject of secret missions by unknown U-boats is a thorny and much disputed subject. "Weichsel" was the U-boat depot ship to and from which the attack on Scapa Flow was launched by Prien in U-47 in October 1939. In 1945, Kptlt Heinrich Bleichrodt supervised the evacuation of Gotenhafen from aboard "Weichsel". Therefore in its time it served important roles.

In between these events it was as a depot ship for U-boats and from what you say, on an occasion in October 1943 it made port in Sweden, a neutral country, perhaps in company with a U-boat, perhaps not, and for some purpose which even your grandfather would never mention during his lifetime.

If you could trace his true identity through family birth certificates, church records, a marriage certificate, that would be at least a starting point from which to begin your investigation. Otherwise I think you should consider that the information you have to go on is unlikely to be useful.

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Re: Weichsel 1943/u-boat training

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 27 Apr 2019 21:51

I too am puzzled of what the "Weichsel" was doing in Sweden in 1943. The possible U-boats that might had followed her to Sweden might be "blackboats", U-boats without numbers and usually gone on secret missions to drop of agents,sabotage teams,or special force ops to countries that were neutral like Sweden or Spain or countries at war like South Africa or the USA. I like to think that the "Weichsel" was carrying special force ops like the "Brandenburgers" in civilian clothes and fake IDs. It's just a thought. Nobody really knows what was the purpose of stopping at Sweden by the 'Weichel". A lot of missions that were made by German special force ops during WWII are still secret today.

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Re: Weichsel 1943/u-boat training

Post by igorr » 29 Apr 2019 03:51

There was coupe merchant WEICHSEL's in Handelsmarine, they easily can visit Sweden.

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