Information on SS Minden September 1944

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Information on SS Minden September 1944

Post by Brancher » 11 Oct 2022 17:04

I am looking to find more information on SS Minden that was mentioned in the post about RO1 and RO22

I was wondering if there was any further information about her journey?

The information that I have from a written memoir is that the shipped departed from Riga on the 21st of September and made a stop at Libau (Liepaja) before heading on to Gotenhafen (Gdynia).

The memoir also describes an attack on the ship that does match with user igorr's description on the RO1 and RO22 post, I mentioned above.
/.../Next morning a Russian plane flew over and "greeted us" with automatic fire, he didn't kill anyone luckily. Day two at the sea at the sea and the planes came back. Two this time. The first dropped a torpedo (bomb) and missed us by a whisker, dropped into the sea without exploding. The second plane's bomb demolished the middle funnel, dropped into the sea and also did not explode. /.../.

It would be great to find some more concrete source material and evidence of SS Minden's journey from start to end, and about any casualties and where she actually arrived in Gotenhafen.

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Re: Information on SS Minden September 1944

Post by igorr » 20 Oct 2022 07:27

I wrote via PM about my sources. MINDEN leave Reval at 16.30 20.9.44 with 800 SS-manner, 690 luftwaffe's men, 300 mariners and 2400 evacuees (estonian). There is no trace that ship was in Libau for some times, but when she arrived Gotenhafen 08.30 22.9.44 she has only 1500 refugees and 110 t less baggage on board.

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