Marine Ausrüstungsstelle / HafenBauAmt / BauDienstelle

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Marine Ausrüstungsstelle / HafenBauAmt / BauDienstelle

Post by Stp Leo » 04 Nov 2022 16:09

Hello everyone,

In the archives of the city of Boulogne, a harbour in Northern France, we can read that some local companies worked for Marine HafenBauAmt, Marine Ausruztungstelle or even Marine BauDienstelle : what are the differences of skills between all these ? Many thanks :D :D
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Re: Marine Ausruztungstelle / HafenBauAmt / BauDienstelle

Post by Darius333 » 04 Nov 2022 20:36

Marine Ausrüstungsstelle



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