Air units in the KM

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Dieter Zinke
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Post by Dieter Zinke » 11 Apr 2004 16:17

Hi varjag,

On 04.05.1940 the british submarine “Seal“ was damaged by mine in the Kattegat.
Being unable to submerge it has to surrender to german APGs.
His commander, LCdr. Lonsdale, has been captured previously by a pilot in the 1. / Bordfl. Gr. 196, Leutnant zur See Karl Schmidt.

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Post by Erich » 11 Apr 2004 16:23

Simon ah the info about FAGr 5 moving into KG 200 is not quite correct. Stab was based at Mont de Marsan on may 31, 1944 and the andnFAGr 5 had 17 Ju 290's on strength in July of 44, whaich was the most the unit had during it's exiostance. In September 44 some of the crews were transferred into KG 200 while most pilots were sent to factories to ferry a/c to units. the Ju 290's were parked at Mühldorf due to lack of fuel, and these a/c were hidden in different areas due to the increase in Allied recon flights.
From October to December 44 the unit was placed as inactive.
January 16-17, 1945 the unit was placed on al.ert with training on the Ar 234. the stab was established for only one month and then disbanded............redesignated stab to stab/FAG 1. other staffeln operating. special tasks with KG 200 Eisenhammer on march 25, 1945. Stab of FAGr 5 in Munchen-Neubiberg

1./FAGr 5.

The unit flying Ju 290's active as a staffel from 12-43 till August 16-21 1944. Became inactive in September 44 till 12-44. conversion for some of the pilots to the AR 234. In fact some of KG 200 a/c were reported to have been sent to FAGr 5 on February 26, 1945. Unit disbanded by OKL on april 25, 1945.

2./FAGr 5 unit from 11-13-43 till August 16-21, 1944, no transfer of Ju 290's to any unit. Inactive from 9/44 till 1/45. Unit disbanded on 2-7-45. All a/c delivered to 1./FAGr 5. Order withdrawn and unit keeps Ju 290's. a handful of pilots involved with KG 200 in Eisenhammer. Staffel was to be renamed but order not carried out. Elements moved to Lärz, with main sections moved to Munchen-Neubiberg. April 45 6 of 12 Ju 290's destroyed on their filed by Allied escorts in strafing attack.

april 23, 1945 ordered disbanded where the rest of the Ju 290's were re-assigned to Fligerstaffel des Führers and flown to the airfield at München.

3. and 4./FAGr 5

plans for the Ju 88H and the Do 217E, Ju 188 and He 111H-1. Limited ops as the sections were divided, dispersed and a/c turned in to other units by summer of 44.

happy Easter gents !

information from in a limited form:

Kössler/Ott's book-Dessauer on the Ju 90, 290
BA/MA Freiburg, RL 4 II/32 and 40.
ADI(K) reports 1944

Jon G.
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Post by Jon G. » 11 Apr 2004 17:50

Thanks for the info on the Atlantic reconnaissance flights. They did seem to have high priority right up until the end; I read in an otherwise inaccurate book on the war on the Eastern Front (Alan Clark: Barbarossa, p.426 & 437) that... 'at Oels airfield (in East Prussia) the Russians captured 150 aircraft in serviceable condition, including 119 four-engine F-W Kondors - the entire strength of the "U-boat support group" which was being husbanded for a renewed offensive in the Atlantic.'

There is no mention of which bomber group/s these aircraft belonged to, and I am taking Clark's statement with a pinch of salt, since he is sometimes in error on other matters, too.

A more erstwhile claim by Clark is that the Germans hung on to the Baltic and Courland for so long because the area was vital for training of new U-boat crews.

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Re: Air units in the KM

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 13 Jun 2019 02:02

There were reports of Ar-196s spotting for the warships' big guns for shore bombardments in 1944 and 1945 and after that the Ar-196s did some bombings on military shore targets with their bombs. I wonder if the Kriegsmarine warships in Norway ever launch their Ar-196s for bombing Norwegian partisans bases that were reported to be in isolated areas of Norway?
Edward L. Hsiao

Edward L. Hsiao
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Re: Air units in the KM

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 04 Jul 2019 09:48

There were also a few Kriegsmarine Officers with flight training that flew German bombers and German seaplanes. No known Kriegsmarine pilots flew fighters and ground attack fighters.

Edward L. Hsiao

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