Kriegsmarine "Tintenfisch" Anti-Partisan units in A

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Re: Kriegsmarine "Tintenfisch" Anti-Partisan units in A

Post by lupodimare89 » 23 Jan 2021 13:54

I've completed the reading of the three pdf files i received and while tons of different encounters, seizure and skirmishes receive extra information and details, there are some data that fix or variate from the ones commonly found online or in literature: here a "brief" list.

Interestingly, i remember few years ago an user who was interested in Italian NAP armed vessels activity, and something surfaced on this.

Some comfirmed Italian victories on partisans: 2 boats (likely ex-fishing boats) shelled and sunk on 6/Jan/43 by T-5 torpedo boat and small minelayers Ugliano and Pasman. Sinking of partisan-controlled transport boat "Padre Felice" by small minelayer Ugliano on 22/Jan/43

Loss of Italian transport boat "Antonietta B." by partisans on a fishing boat on 25/Feb/43

Loss of partisan transport boat "Maria" by Italian armed vessel NAP-2 on 20/Mar/43

Surrender of the partisan boat "Mia Sant'Anna" on 20/Mar/43

Loss of partisan armed launch "Partizan" by Italian armed vessels NAP-24 and MB-9 on 1/May/43: NOTE some sources wrongly indicate the loss on 1944!! But docuents clearly indicate the more reasonable 1943 year.

Capture of a boat by partisan navy on 21/Jul/43 MAYBE related to loss of Ustasha tug "Rudnik".

Capture of a Chetnik-controlled small tanker on 27/Sept/43 by transport boats "Lev" and "Makarska" possibly ex-Italian Emilia.

Italian torpedo boat Missori capturing a partisan boat on 6/Oct/43 put in doubt, the torpedo boat was actually in a very confused situation due Italy armistice.

PC-21 and PC-22 claim of damaged enemy boat on 11/Nov/43 also seems uncomfirmed.

Loss of "Jela" transport boat off Bari by mine from U-453 on 20/Nov/43: she was actually a Partisan-controlled ship, not exile Royalist.

Starting from November 1943, some German S-boats claims on Partisan boats should be put in doubt: in many case there is no evidence on Partisan documents and it's possible they attacked simply civilian fishing boats or local transports or smugglers unrelated to Partisans. At the same time, at least two incidents of Partisan boats claiming damage on enemy steamers in 1943 likely caused no effect.

Loss of Siebel craft SF-193 on 17/18 December 1943, usually just claimed to MTB-637, but actually crew of PC-2 Macola also contributed and captured the crew: interestingly the Partisan documents indicate the craft as a "Maona" motor barge, and indicate she was recovered and used! However the document seems to not give her great importance, possibly she was not recognized as a military vessel or was simply stripped off weapons and used as a transport barge.

Loss of PC-67 Kerc fully confirmed by Partisan documents, on 27/Dec/43 by air raids alongside other boats.

Loss of PC-60-II Vjekoslava fully confirmed by Partisan documents on 28/Dec/43 by air raid

Claim of capture of enemy boat by unidentified Partisan boats on 8/Jan/44 likely wrong and related to recovery of a small boat used by spies

Loss of transport "Marjia" by German S-36 and S-55 on 9/Jan/44 first confirmed transport boat lost by German surface raid: a similar ship reportedly lost in 1945 was likely a mistake.

The claim of German assault boats on two Partisan transports on 16/Jan/44 fully confirmed: they sunk "Sretan-II" and "Dobaroctar" a similar claim three days later have no Partisan confirmed loss (maybe civilian fishing boats).

On 25/Jan/44, PC-1 and PC-3 destroyed tug "Costante" (not "Constante" as wrongly named in Partisan documents).

Loss of PC-66 Proletar was actually a separate incident from loss NB-10 Sloga: six days earlier.

On 28/Feb/43 PC-22 destroyed boat "Giuseppe Cesira" (not "Giuseppe Cesario" as reported sometimes), interestingly American telegraphists transported onboat the patrol boat took active part in the capture.

Loss of PC-59 Lapad definitely caused by friendly fire from MTB-649 on 6/March/44

Loss of "PC-5" a commonly "missed" patrol boat from many lists, occurred on 23/March/44, often ignored because differently from other low-number (PC-1 to PC-6) she was extremely small and armed with 1 machinegun

Loss of PC-75 Annie (Ex-KJ-10) on 12 April 1944 by allied friendly-fire air attack is completely wrong. Partisan documents fully confirm her loss in September.

On 31/May/44, the small PC-76 "MC-22" was most likely destroyed by the German ground forces fire, rather than being captured (or heavily damage but likely not recovered).

It was the defected Ustasha boat PT-79 on 22/Aug/44 that become partisan PC-79 (keeping same number), not a subsequent boat.

There is still some confusion for the losses on 29/Aug/44: original partisan documents at first indicate the loss of PC-45 Batos while PC-47 Sv.Nikola-I survived with damage, after enemy mortar fire. Later report switch the fate of the two boats (with PC-47 reported as lost): clearly there was a mistake in one of the two reports.

Loss of a (reportedly) partisan small boat with mail by two I-boats on 1/Sept/44 was possibly a small local craft used by some agents.

The seizure in harbor on 11/Sept/43 of a 6-meters motorboat by Partisan patrol boats not classified as a victory by the same partisan documents (likely because of her small size, no enemy onboard etc.)

Loss of PC-75 fully confirmed by partisans on 12/Sept/43

Loss of NB-13 Partizan occurred on 21/Oct/44, not 20 November.

Extra info of the clash occurred on 28/Dec/44 between PC-24 and motorboats in Sv.Peter harbor. According own German data actually one motorboat exploded and another suffered heavy damage. But there are no detailed accounts on the fight.

An interesting German assault with "Linse" explosive crafts against Split ended in a failure on 12 February 1945. Scarce details of human losses, but at least 3 explosive crafts hit by Allies and harbor defense.

Losses or damage to the small patrol boats PC-55 Partizan-II and PC-27-II Andjeljko respectively on 15/Feb/45 and 24/Feb/45 remain unconfirmed. No such data on Partisan documents.

A clash between BB-4 Topcider and patrol boat PC-24 Marjan versus German sturmboots type42 on 5/April/45, previously undescribed by many sources. 1 partisan killed, unclear effects on German side.

Contrary to many sources, describing all main ex-Royalist units joining the Navy only in August 1945, Partisan documents clearly describe corvette "Nada" performing a single escort mission in April 1945 escorting LCT from Vis Island to Sibenik.

One known episode with Yugoslavian-manned "Higgins" boats on 17/18 April 1945 against German MFP convoy: still manned by nominally royalists despite the exiled Navy being disbanded and on verge to be absorbed by the neew Yugoslavian Navy. Actual fight was unsucessful (1 KIA and damage to one boat).

A MFP (F-971) sunk in Trieste harbor by mortar fire from partisans on 1/May/45

The very last surface skirmish occurred on 5/May/45 close Pola. NB-14 chased an unidentified German boat attempting to evacuate trapped troops.

One final Yugoslavian Navy victory occurred on 6/May/45 when PC-1 Jadran intercepted and captured the motorboat Remo (cargo of flour) attemtping to escape Trieste to west. Usually not recorded as a victory because the end of the war, she was fully regarded as a prize by the local command.

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