AA-cruiser Niobe

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Re: AA-cruiser Niobe

Post by Pyttis » 19 Oct 2012 12:51

I also want to join, allthough it seems that things have been quiet for a few years in this topic :)

Niobe interests me, because im from Kotka and my father has said that he saw the wreckage and how they scrapped it.

Regarding the losses.. In a book "Kotkan kolme sotaa" by Viljo Ripatti. Eye witness (young boy who served in AA) says that he saw how finnish 40mm Bofors shot the whole clip on to Bostons belly and how it went down seconds later. So if there was only one loss to soviets, then it was by finnish AA and not Niobes. Considering how much AA there was in the Kotka and Niobe it is remarkable if soviets had only 1 plane shot down.

There wasn´t any Finnish planes in Kymi field by the time Niobe attack was done. All were sent to fight in the front. HävLLv34 operated from Kymi from 2 august 1943 to july 12 1944.

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Re: AA-cruiser Niobe

Post by Juha Tompuri » 19 Oct 2012 19:46

Hi Pyttis,

...and welcome to the Forum.

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