LiDAR Data on Finnish Fortifications

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LiDAR Data on Finnish Fortifications

Postby Mangrove » 21 Jan 2013 13:26

Starting from May 2012, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data collected by the National Survey of Finland has been released for free use. The data can be utilised in various GIS (Geographic Information System) software. The level of details is incredible: height data is accurate within ±15 centimeters or less. This means all man made structures from trenches to walls and buildings can be mapped from this data.

The data is available for download for much of Finland from the National Survey's file service. Here's couple of interesting images to illustrate the use of the data. If you are interested on a particular region, I would be glad to provide similar illustrations using the software I have installed on my computer.

18th Century Kyminlinna Fortress
Finnish Civil War trenches around Kuopio
Soviet WWII trenches around Hanko

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