70th anniversary of Stalingrad: my Volgograd photos

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Dan W.
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Re: 70th anniversary of Stalingrad: my Volgograd photos

Postby Dan W. » 20 Feb 2013 00:30

That is a great shot of the flour mill. These are some of the best photos I've seen of today's Volgograd. You should tell us about the logistics of your trip as well, such as the cost of travel, the accommodations, the agency who coordinated the trip (if there was one) and anything else you find relevant about planning a trip to Volgograd. It's quite the fascinating topic, and I'm guessing traveling in Russia is nothing to take for granted, with the language barrier alone being only one of many challenges one can expect while there.

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Re: 70th anniversary of Stalingrad: my Volgograd photos

Postby Adam Carr » 20 Feb 2013 01:42

I spent three weeks in Russia, and all my accommodation and internal travel was arranged by my travel agent here in Melbourne, who work with a travel agency in Russia. All of this has to be booked and paid for in advance, since you can't get a Russian visa without lodging a full itinerary. I paid for it all as a package, so I can't tell you what each item cost, but Lonely Planet has plenty of information. I flew Moscow-Volgograd on a Russian domestic airline. They have a terrible reputation but I survived. I didn't have any major bureaucratic problems in Russia, although the slowness and inefficiency of places like post offices and railway ticket offices can be annoying. I was strongly advised to fly in and out of Russia, since there are often problems and delays at land crossings, so on departure I flew Kaliningrad-Warsaw rather than take the train. I didn't find the language barrier much problem, even in provincial cities like Volgograd and Kaliningrad. I recommend learning to read the Cyrillic alphabet which is very useful for street signs etc. I found the Russians to be friendly and helpful, though service in cafes and shops can be very slow.
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Re: 70th anniversary of Stalingrad: my Volgograd photos

Postby nickzark » 20 Feb 2013 23:36

GREAT photos.thanks for posting them

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