German Army HQ Mauerwald Today

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German Army HQ Mauerwald Today

Post by henryk » 28 Jul 2008 19:57

Besides Hitlers Bunkers, Wolf's Lair, in Northeast Poland, there is the bunker complex, Mauerwald, close by. It was the Headquarters of the Supreme Command and German Staff of the Army (Oberkommando und Generalstabes des Heeres). Commanders occupying it included Field Marshall Paulus, General Guderian and Colonel Von Stauffenberg. Unlike Wolf's Lair, the original bunkers can be seen. It is about 35 km (by road) northeast of Wolf's Lair, near Ketrzyn (Rastenburg), and 7km southeast of Wegorzewo (Angerburg). Bus stop is Mamerki, 300 m north of the complex. It is open May-October, 8:00 to dusk, entrance fee, 5ZL (about 1.50 Euro). Bring a flashlight or rent at the entrance.
Some 18 k.m. north-east of the 'Wolfschanze' was the HQ of the 'Oberkommando und Generalstabes des Heeres Mauerwald' also named 'Anna'. It laid near the 'Mauersee' on both sides of the road from Rastenburg to Angerburg, consisted of some 200 (!) objects ranging from large air-shelters in concrete to lightly constructed buildings in brick on a terrain of app. 250 ha. App. 1500 people worked in the complex incl. some 40 generals.
The complex can be divided into three large parts:
-'Zone 1 Quelle': 'Hauptquartiermeister de OKH' on the easthand site of the road.
-'Zone 2 Fritz': 'Generalstab des OKH' on the westhand site of the road.
-'Zone 3 Brigitten Stadt': 'Hilfsdienst des OKH' also on the right hand site.
On May, 21 1941 the 'Generalstab' moved to 'Mauerwald', 'generaloberst' Franz Halder arrived at 'Fritz' for the first time on June, 23 1941, the commander of the army fieldmarshal Walter von Brauchitsch arrived at 'Fritz' for the first time on June, 26 1941. After the defeat at Moscow he was released December 19, 1941 to be replaced by Adolf Hitler himself, Halder was released September,24 1942 to be replaced with 'generaloberst' Kurt Zeitzler, he was replaced July 20, 1944 by 'generaloberst' Heinz Guderian (the well-known panzer leader). Also in 'Fritz' lived and worked: General Adolf Heusinger and General Friedrich von Paulus, later becoming well-known for his roll in the Stalingrad defeat. Also 'oberst' Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg worked together with some other officers in the complex.
'Mauerwald' was in place till December 1944, after that time it was moved to 'Maybach' near Zossen close to Berlin.
Current state:
In contrast with the 'Wolfschanze' most of the buildings in concrete survived the war, only the light constructions were demolished. You can park on the parking lot near to 'Quelle' and visit the erea on foot, the largest bunkers can be found in this section today and can be seen from the parking lot although vegetation is growing fast, just like in the other sections which are in a thick forest.

A plan of the site and other details are on the German language site:
See also page 494, Lonely Planet Guide to Poland, 2008.

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