Dakar Maru

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Dakar Maru

Post by claudineskiles » 10 Apr 2020 17:10

Good evening fontessa:

Dakar Maru was part of Convoy MI-11 that departed Mojo on 12 July 1944. She was torpedoed and beached herself. Only six men were killed.

Do you know how many men were aboard? I believe that the ship was carrying construction materials, but I would guess that she also carried passengers. I am trying to figure out the number of men lifted by MI-11. I have good numbers for only six of the 18 marus.

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Re: Dakar Maru

Post by jerryasher » 14 Apr 2020 20:27

Welcome to the forum: I didn't want to let your request without at least a welcome. You seem to know and have a great deal more information than I have. Combined Fleet entry for minesweeper W-28 is my best reference and from your question, you are way ahead of that. Good luck and again welcome.

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Re: Dakar Maru

Post by koalashooter » 29 Jun 2020 09:00

The ship was carrying "about" 300 Army soldiers, and tons of war supplies and troop equipment incl. vehicles and crated airplanes. Specifically 450 cases bombs, 2000 cases blasting powder and 4000 cases clothing. The 6 killed were crew in the engine room.

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