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Re: japenese panther

Post by BayonetOnAZero » 11 Oct 2023 20:39

aurelien wolff wrote:
13 Aug 2018 10:37
Maybe the tank in question wasn't a copy of the panther but a new tank inspired by the panther and what do you think the one who was ordered by the japanese,fake or not?
The issue here is that Japan did not focus on their ground forces but rather their naval forces. They were a powerful naval power during World War II (top 5) but their ground force was lacking. The biggest tanks they made were the Chi-Ri and the Chi-To, but they looked nothing like a Panther, and if they were inspired they did a really poor job.

However, Germany was going to send some Tiger I’s to Japan but due to Allied forces obstructing the way, they ultimately did not end up doing so. There was no mention of Panthers in Japan’s disposal.
What has happened has happened, history is history. We must accept and embrace the things that we are passionate about and the atrocities that had been committed. Denying history is an atrocity in itself.

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