2 US MIAS 9 August 1945 Japan

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2 US MIAS 9 August 1945 Japan

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This is a bit of a puzzle to sort out:
1} ref [reference only}
subsection #5

http://www.powresearch.jp/en/pdf_e/pilo ... hikoku.pdf
{COuldnt Find anythng on "Heathoote" or Fass"
gives US Casualites as
Aug. 9, 1945, P-47 (#44-87817) was hit by AA fire while attacking Matsuyama Naval
Airbase with 30 to 40 other US planes and crashed on the riverbank of Shigenobu
2/Lt. John HEATHOOTE was killed.
◇ Aug. 9, 1945, P-47 (#44-88179) collided with another P-47 (See above) while firing
rockets at Matsuyama Naval Airbase, and crashed in the sea several km off the 17
A US rescue plane picked up 1/Lt. Robert FASS.

2} Baugher Listing OF USAF seriele numbers reports {P-47 aircraft} has pilots fate differently
87817 (1st FS, 413th FG, 20th AF) shot down by AAA of SE coast of Kyushu, Japan Aug 9, 1945.
Pilot bailed out and wsa rescued by US Navy PBY. MACR 14781 and 14832

88179 (1st FS, 413rd FG, 20th AF) shot down by AAA over Matsuiyama, Shikoku, Japan Aug 9, 1945.
MACR 14830. Pilot MIA and presumed killed.

88300 (73rd FS, 318th FG, 8th AF) aircraft engine failed 12 mi SW of Matsuyam Airfield, Shikoku, Japan Aug 9, 1945.
Pilot bailed out, fate unknown.

3) USAAF Overseas Accident reports https://www.aviationarchaeology.com/src ... g1945O.htm
Of Several plane losses Just one over Japan {name not listed on ABMC website}
50809 P-47N 44-88300 73FS 318FG 8F BOEF 4 Webster, Roy H JPN Matsuyama AF/ 12mi SW

also checked USN Naval losses https://www.aviationarchaeology.com/src/USN/LLAug45.htm
No luck.

4) Aviaiton safety network for P-47 88300 implies pilot did survive

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