Sakaguchi Detachment.

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Sakaguchi Detachment.

Post by marek O. » 24 Jul 2021 17:23

Hello gentlemen.
I have a question/request about Sakaguchi Detachment.
The unit took part in quite a few operations before ending in Burma in April 1942 - Tarakan, Balikpapan and others. I have tried to find it's complete smaller units list, and I believe I have been succesfull in that. However names of commanding officers - that' s another story.
So I have a question - please check my list, fill the gaps if You can, correct my errors if there are any...
Sakaguchi Detachment - mjr. gen. Sakaguchi Shizuo [I saw many versions of the unit designation - Mixed Brigade ; Mixed Regiment ; Infantry Group, so additional question - which was it?]
146th IR - col. Yamamoto Kyohei
1st Baon - lt.col. Kume Motozo
2nd Baon - mjr. Kanauji Kenichi
3rd Baon - lt.col. Matsumoto Tadasu
1st Baon 56th FAR - lt.col. Namekane [I don't know his first name or if he was co of the 1st Battalion or the whole Regiment]
1st Company [or one Company, not necesserely the 1st], 56th Engineer Regiment - co ?
2nd Company [same as above, maybe two companies?], 56th Transport Regiment - co ?
Tank Unit - co ?
Medical Unit, 56th Infantry Division - co ?
1st Field Hospital, 56th ID - co ?
Thank You in advance,

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Re: Sakaguchi Detachment.

Post by wdgysin » 24 Jul 2021 21:36

Marek O;

Here is the info from the Corts Foundation translation of Senshi Sosho Vol 3 in the Appendix and an article by Taki on Japanese
armor on the Netherlands East Indies 1941-1942 website (no longer in operation):

Sakaguchi Detachment
>56th Mixed Infantry Group... Maj Gen Sakaguchi Shizuo Chief of Staff: Lt Col Yano Tsuneo
>>56th Infantry Group HQ
>>146th Infantry Regiment... Col Yamamoto Kyōhei
>>>Regimental HQ
>>>1st Battalion... Lt Col Kume Motozō
>>>2d Battalion... Maj Kanauji Ken’ichi
>>>3d Battalion... Lt Col Matsumoto Tadasu
>>>Regimental Infantry Gun Company
>>>Regimental Signal Company
>>56th Infantry Group Tankette Unit... Cpt Anai... 8 Type 97 tankettes
>>1st Battalion, 56th Field Artillery Regiment... Lt Col Namekata Shōichi... 12 Type ? 75mm field guns
>>1st Company, 56th Engineer Regiment... (rank ukn) Ezaki
>>Detachment, 56th Division Signal Unit
>>2d Company, 56th Transport Regiment
>>56th Infantry Group Medical Unit
>>56th Division 1st Field Hospital

The detachment had 5,200 men, 1,200 horses and 100 motor vehicles.
The 56th Infantry Group Tankette Unit was formed by reorganizing the 4th Company, 56th Recon Regiment.

It was basically the 56th Infantry Group minus the other two Infantry Regiments, which stayed with the 56th Division. 56th Division
elements attached were one battalion of the field artillery regiment, one company from the engineer regiment, one element from
the signals unit, one company of the transport regiment, one element of the medical unit, and one field hospital. It is equivalent to
a Regimental Combat Team in US terms. The Group was designated as mixed because of the supporting arm detachments from the
56th Division.

marek O.
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Re: Sakaguchi Detachment.

Post by marek O. » 25 Jul 2021 10:48

Hello wdgysin,
Thank You very much.
So, I've been missing few units.
Thanks again.

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