Music Show in US Occupied Japan

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Music Show in US Occupied Japan

Post by frazefarm » 04 Feb 2024 19:27

Greetings All,
Here are several photos taken at an officer's club at a US base somewhere in Japan
during the occupation in the late-40s/early 50s
This is the Ciro Show, comprised of Japanese musicians and singers.

I am guessing that "Ciro" was some sort of product that sponsored/funded
the performances by these folks. Does anyone know what "Ciro" was?
A drink? A snack? Clothing?

These photos are part of a collection that belonged to a Japanese War Bride
and her American officer husband.

Any info is appreciated!
Ciro Show 1.jpg
Ciro Show 2.jpg
Ciro Show 3.jpg
Ciro Show 4.jpg
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