Let's build: 1. Armored Division (Japan)

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Let's build: 1. Armored Division (Japan)

Post by Marcus » 30 May 2004 10:27

In an effort to improve and expand the unit histories on the site, we will be launching a new series of "Let's Build" threads.
The object is to pool our collective knowledge and reconstruct these units. No contribution is too small, no fact too obscure, equipment, armament, manpower strength, high award holders, biographical information, photographs, reference material or combat reports, everything is welcome, just remember to mention the source of your information.

This thread is dedicated to information on 1. Armored Division (Japan).

btw. as always, if you are interested in helping out with the site, for example by compiling material from the Let's Build threads for articles on the site, please send me a pm or email, thanks.

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Post by Marcus » 31 May 2004 13:40

1. Armored Division was formed 24 June 1942 in Manchuria.

Yoshio Hosomi

Order of battle
1. Armored Regiment
15. Armored Regiment
1. Mobile Infantary Regiment

Reference material on this unit
- None known at this time -



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Post by daveh » 03 Jun 2004 19:13

I have the following:
from R Tarnstrom The Wars of Japan :

1st Tank Division formed with 4 tank regiments in 8/42, reduced to 2 tank regiments in 1944.

Spring 1944 1st Tank Division, commander Lt Gen Hoshino, was part of the Third Area Army reserve. Noted as having 20 Type 95, 37 Type 97. Based at Nangan, Manchukuo.

Moved to Japan 3/45.

In the defence of Japan near the end of WW2 the 1st Tank Division was part of 36th Army under the 12th Area Army in the area of Tokyo.

At this time the 1st Tank Division was commandended by Lt Gen Hoshino, and had
106 Type 98
82 Type 1
30 Type 3

From John Underwood Japanese Armored Units of World War II

On activation the 1st Tank Division had:

1st Tank Division HQ
1st Tank Brigade consisting of the 1st and 5th tank regiments
2nd Tank Brigade consisting of the 3rd and 9th tank regiments
1st mobile Infantry Regiment
1st Mobile Artillery Regiment
1st AA unit
1st Tank Division Rreconnaisance Unit
1st Tank Division AT Unit
1st Tank Division Engineer Unit
1st Tank Division Transpor Unit
1st Tank Division Maintainence Unit
1st Tank Division Signal Training Unit
1st Tank Division Casualty Clearance Unit

1st Tank Division Reconnaisance Unit detached 3/44 to form basis of the 26th Tank Regiment.
1st AA unit moved to China. Madej in Japanese Armed Forces OOB Vol I (basically a reprint of US wartime Intelligence OOB) notes this unit as being in China in Nov 1944

Underwood notes the removal of 2nd Tank Brigade HQ on the division's re organisation 3/45
However Tarnstrom notes the 3rd and 9th Tank Regiments had left the division by June 1944.
Tarnstrom notes the 3rd Tank Regiment in the Sixth Area Army reserve in Central China in mid 1944.
9th Tank Regiment was sent to the Marianas, arriving in Saipan April 1944. 1st and 2nd + part of the 6th companies sent to Guam (see p 91 Osprey Campaign 137 Saipan and Tinian 1944 by Gordan L Rottmam ).

This indicates that a March 1944 date for the removal of the 2nd Tank Brigade HQ is correct, presumably the 1945 date is a typo.

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Post by Bob_Mackenzie » 22 Jun 2004 17:46


This page has the TO&E for a Japanese Tank division, though its generic not nessessarily the 1st




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