Japanese Red Cross

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Japanese Red Cross

Post by e.polis » 03 Nov 2004 08:10

Did the Japanese have an equivalent organization to the Red Cross and if so what was it called

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Post by Windward » 03 Nov 2004 18:06

Nihon Sekijuujisha, Japanese Red Cross(JRC). It was formed in 1877, and changes its name into JRC in 1887, after Japan signed the 1864 Geneva Treaty in 1886. It was criticised for its minimized activity and effort on rescuing and helping Allied civilians and POWs during WW2.

I have a picture of a book, JRC nurses looking at British POWs in Singapore, but I think that picture was copyright protected, so I can't scan it. The book's name is "The American Heritage: Picture History of Woulr War II", hard cover, published by American Heritage/Bonanza Books, NY 1966, on page 160. I think you may find this book in some libraries.


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