Info: Japanese Army Air Force OoB 5th AD

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Info: Japanese Army Air Force OoB 5th AD

Post by Andy H » 04 Nov 2004 01:35

The Japanese 5th Air Division was part of the 3rd Air Army in 1943.
Its HQ was at Rangoon whilst its forward echelon was based at Meiktila.

Component Units:
4th Air Brigade (Meiktila)
8th Air Regiment-Ki48 (Lily) based at Heho
50th Air Regiment-Ki43 (Oscar) based at Meiktila

7th Air Brigade (Toungoo)
12th Air Regiment-Ki21 (Sally) based at Alor Star
64th Air Regiment-Ki43 (Oscar) based at Toungoo
98th Air Regiment-Ki21 (Sally) based at Sungei-Patani

81st Air Regiment-Ki46 (Dinah) based at Meiktila & Hlegu
21st Air Regiment-Ki45 (Nick) based at Mingaladon

Source: Hurricanes over Arakan by Norman Franks

Abu El Banat

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