Japanese Pearl Harbor sub found

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Re: Japanese Pearl Harbor sub found

Post by ShindenKai » 03 May 2022 19:50

LWD wrote:
25 Nov 2013 18:26
ShindenKai wrote:For those that have doubts about how much the US military knew before the Pearl Harbor Attack, read Burl Burlingame's Advance Force Pearl Harbor. We knew and let it happen. Period.
The vast majority of the evidence does not support that conclusion. Indeed the only evidence I've seen that does is very circumstantial and has been brought to question quite successfully.

This is hardly on topic for this thread hwoever.
I'm a bit late on the reply- but read "Day of Deceit" by Robert B. Stinnett (a Pacific war veteran himself), he used FOIA requests: 200,000 documents that absolutely shatter the shibboleth that 12/07/41 was a surprise attack. There was an actual eight-step plan put in place to force Japan into the first overt act of war. We were "reading their mail" and even knew Japanese spies had sent maps of installations at PH to Japan.

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Re: Japanese Pearl Harbor sub found

Post by LWD » 30 Sep 2023 04:11

We knew or at least had a very good idea the Japanese would attack and probably make a surprise attack. Problem was that the US military didn't think the IJN could make it to PH. As far as "reading their mail" we had broken their diplomatic code but most of the others were still secure. That Japanese spies had sent info on PH installations fit just as well with sabotage attacks which were expected and lead to increased losses when the IJN struck.

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