Steel: Compare Soviet and German Productions

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Re: Steel: Compare Soviet and German Productions

Post by gracie4241 » 12 Jul 2019 16:49

The Soviet Union produced FAR less "Armament" than Germany.To begin with as O'Brien says in,": How the War was Won"(quoting from "Germany and the Second World War)"If it is true that the Second World War was ultimately decided on the battlefields of Eastern Europe, by the clash of german and soviet tank armies, then the question arises why the share of firepower and mobility of land forces WAS SO CONSPICUOUSLY LOW IN GERMANY 'p 20.Low meaning around 20% of german armament applied to weapons and equipment for the entire Army, whether stationed in the East or elsewhere.Russia concentrated(wisely) on a small range of items geared specifically to fight germany, as opposed to Germany which had a vastly larger range of Claimants on its resources.As one example, the Russians basically converted their entire rolling stock industry to AFV production, producing perhaps one hundred locomotives and zero track.The germans produced 20,000-partly because they had a massively higher steel ouput.Virtually EVERY locomotive(5,000+) , and every mile of track built to support logistically its westward advance(43-45) came from the West(along with 400,000 trucks)Soviet industry would have seized up had they not received massive amounts of machine tools, and basic raw materials like aluminum, copper, chemicals/explosives etc.Germany on the other hand assigned 70% of its armament to air and naval warfare(including a stupendous air defense program including at peak 55,000 anti-aircrafte guns.Germany built , or started to build almost 1500 UBoats(= to 30,000 tanks) whereas Russia basically stopped naval construction.Germany built 35,000!!! V-1 and V-2 missiles to Zero for Russia.Germany built 25,000 APC to zero for Russia.Germany built 130,000 20 mm guns to zero for Russia(it had no equivalent weapon).Germany was hit by 1,000,000 tons of bombs(as opposed to being hit with Lend Lease) costing DIRECT(as opposed to indirect) losses in production of 10% in 43, and 30% in 44 (USSBS-Speer ministry records);indirect losses were huge(although not countable per se) because it was forced to inefficiently disperse its production with loss of economies of scale.Soviet "production"(assuming the truthfulness of their figures which I don't) was considerably less than germany ACROSS THE BOARD and ,like much else Russian, even today, tends to be overrated PS the missing 10% of production WAS under Army control but covered the Atlantic Wall, and the V-2 program -not the V-1- which clearly had NO applicability to the War in the Eadst

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