The importance of Ploiesti 's oil in Germany's war effort

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The importance of Ploiesti 's oil in Germany's war effort

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 05 Jan 2020 20:52

Hello all,

I know that Romania produced like 8 millions of tons of petroleum per year.

Of this amount, like 50% was sent in Germany. So 4 millions of tons.

What part of the general german needs in oil this has covered ?

We know germans used ersatz successfully.

Do we have any details concerning the oil supply of Germany during the war ?


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Re: The importance of Ploiesti 's oil in Germany's war effort

Post by Steve » 07 Jan 2020 05:18

These figures come from British Intelligence in the Second World War Volume 3 part 2 Appendix 26 pages 916 onward. With one exception the figures are in British tons.

In 1939 Romania exported 451,000 tons of oil to Germany by 1941 it was 2,114,000 tons. German oil imports from all sources fell below 3m tons in 1941 and remained so till the end of the war. The best year was 1943 with 2,766,000 tons.

Production of crude oil in Greater Germany was 1,454,000 tons in 1940 rising to 1,933,000 tons in 1943 and falling to 1,654,000 in 1944.

Production of Synthetic oil in metric tons was 1,953,000 in 1940 rising to 3,915,000 in 1943 falling to 2,181,000 in 1944.

These figures are way out from the figures you give but if you check the link below it should help. There are just over 7 barrels of oil in a metric ton so 451,000 tons from Romania in 1939 translates as about 3,157,000 barrels. The link below gives 2.8 million barrels from Romania in 1938 and you would expect German imports to rise in 1939.


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