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Re: Unknow gun

Post by Dili » 14 Oct 2021 00:56

shultz wrote:
15 May 2021 17:01
nuyt wrote:
13 May 2021 19:03
Indeed. I also think the Obice is possibly without its wheels (after all it was pack) and resting with the front of the box trail carriage on the earth. There is dirt below the shield and between the ammo boxes, so the lower end of the box trail might be resting on the floor of the dugout or hanging on the edge (so the crew sit in the dugout. The shield might be non regular one, field adaptation perhaps.
Hy Nuyt, that's not a 75/13!
I know this Skoda howitzer very well personally, there is a piece in the museum of my city (and I have helped to restore it) and there are others within a few kilometers from my house; and I can rule that "the thing" is NOT a 75/13, even if reduced to scrap .
I'm sorry, the mystery still remains .

Regards, Shultz
Maybe some Soviet captured weapon.

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