75mm Flak Gun

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75mm Flak Gun

Postby pkenny » 03 Mar 2008 22:33

75mm Flak Gun

Did the Germans have one of these types of guns? a 75mm AA Gun?

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Re: 75mm Flak Gun

Postby Manuferey » 03 Mar 2008 23:13

Yes and plenty of different types of 7,5 cm Flak. Some examples:

- 7,5 cm Flak 14 L/36
- from French origin, not derived from the famous WW1 "75": (7,5 cm Flak) M17/34(f), M30(f), M33(f), M36(f)
- from various European origins: (7,5 cm Flak) Flak(b),M37(t), Vickers (e), Vickers M35(h), 264(i)

and more.

If you search within the forum posts and messages, you'll find data and pictures of many of these guns.


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Re: 75mm Flak Gun

Postby Grzesio » 04 Mar 2008 16:36

They also had their modern 7,5 cm AA gun - the Krupp's 7,5 cm Flak L/60 of 1930, a direct predecessor of the 8,8 cm Flak L/56, used as an interim type in early 1930s. Most of these guns were sold abroad when 8,8 cm Flak had been put into service, but some were apparently taken over by Kriegsmarine after 1939 and used in coastal artillery.
Yet another gun, the 7,5 cm Flak L/59, was not approved for service, but Rheinmetall eventually managed to sell his piece to USSR in 1930, where it started the whole family of Soviet 76,2 mm and 85 mm AA guns used during the war.



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Re: 75mm Flak Gun

Postby jopaerya » 04 Mar 2008 17:05

Hi Grzesio

The 7.5 cm Flak L/60 used by the Kriegsmarine ( Marine Flak ) were also export products they were intended
for Turkey but when the war started , the 16 guns that were ready were not exported but used in the M.F.A.

Regards Jos

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