Russian 10"/52 coast gun

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Re: Russian 10"/52 coast gun

Post by ALVF » 08 Nov 2022 18:55


Some of the captured 10 inch coast russian guns were mounted in coastal batteries during the Great War.
I have a complete album of the building of the Trakata Battery near Varna (Bulgaria) in 1916, two guns named "25,4 cm KL/45 in Kst.L":
10 pouces Batterie Trakata Varna.jpg
Two other guns were built as Oldenburg Battery, tubed in 24 cm by germans after 1918, I have also a pre-war photograph of one gun.
Yours sincerely,
Guy François.
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Re: Russian 10"/52 coast gun

Post by ROLAND1369 » 09 Nov 2022 00:40

As always a very interesting post. I know that the Germans captured at least 14 of these weapons but have never seen an evaluation on how many were serviceable or how many were re used by them.

Ondrej Filip
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Re: Russian 10"/52 coast gun

Post by Ondrej Filip » 09 Nov 2022 10:33

searay wrote:
08 Nov 2022 14:56
As calculations showed, the cost of two open single-gun installations turned out to be 1022 thousand rubles, and one two-gun turret - 1102 thousand rubles, that is, only 8% more expensive. Therefore, ZhAK No. 1279 dated 11/15/1912 was given preference to turret installations.
The rate of fire of the turrets was planned to be 2.4 rounds per minute. VN and GN drives, as well as the supply of ammunition, were produced from an electric motor. Loading angles - from 0 ° to + 15 °. The vertical armor of the turret (all around) should be 305 mm, the roof - 203 mm. The thickness of the cuirass in front is 254 mm, in the back - 127 mm.
It is interesting information, but I think Russians never produced any 254 mm turrets. I haven't even heard of any plan to install them in a specific location.

There were 203 mm turrets, 305 mm turrets (MB-2-12) and 356 mm turrets (MB-2-14) at the coastal defences. All modern for two guns.

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Re: Russian 10"/52 coast gun

Post by Eax-E » 11 Nov 2022 14:46

Great topic, nice to see the 25,4 cm KL/45 in Kst.L futur 24cm shape out of its bunker !

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Re: Russian 10"/52 coast gun at Oldenburg Batt.

Post by Cultus » 29 Dec 2022 19:17


I’m trying to piece together the history of the coastal guns at Oldenburg Batterie at Calais. In particular I would like to know:

- where and when were they cast
- where and when were they captured from the Russians
- when were they rebored at Krupps
- when were they shipped to Borkum
- where on Borkum were they placed
- when were they shipped to the Black Forest and to where exactly
- when were they shipped to Calais
- when exactly were they casemated

If anyone can provide any answers to these questions I would be most grateful.

Cheers, Jay Hammond

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