Italian 75/18 EP rounds

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Italian 75/18 EP rounds

Post by attilio » 16 May 2003 14:20

In an article of Luca Poggiali on the journal Storia e battaglie, october 2002, on the battle of El Alamein, the author stated that the EP round of the italian gun 75/18 mounted on the self propelled guns penetrates 150 mm of armour!

Nicola Pignato in the booklet Italian medium tanke reported a more realistic penetration of 70 mm for this round

What is the opinion of the forum?

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Post by daveh » 16 May 2003 15:46

The pentration achieved by an anti tank gun depends on a variety of factors but the main ones are velocity on striking the target, angle of the armour hit, weight of projectile and design of the projectile. Velocity falls off with range so it is important to know the range for the performance you give, similarly the angle at which the projectile strikes affects the performance so that information would be useful too.

I am assuming the round you mention is not a hollow charge round which gives the same performance on striking a target whatever the range. The 150mm figure you give would be extremely impressive for a 75mm hollow charge shell.

As a basis of comparison the German 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 fires a 6.8 kg round at a muzzle velocity of 385 m/s (K Gr rot Pz round) to penetrate
41mm @100m, 39mm @ 500m, 33mm @1000m set at 30 degrees from the vertical. Penetration would be higher for armor that was vertical

I am assuming the 75/18 weapon you ask about is the Obice da 75/18 modello 35 with a muzzle velocity of 425m/s and a projectile weight of 6.4kg. Given the higher muzzle velocity but somewhat lower projectile weight I would expect a better armour penetration but not hugely so.

Overall I would suggest that the 150mm figure is an error whatever type of ammuniton was used. The 70mm figure for point blank range against vertical armour still seems high but is more believable.

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75/18 EP rounds

Post by attilio » 16 May 2003 19:53

The EP (Effetto Pronto) round was an Heat round. this round was effective on the frontal armour of Sherman that had a hull armour of 51 mm at 45° and in the test in Conca of Sannu was capable of penetration of the frontal armour (30+20 mm) of Crusader

The penetration data for the AP round of 75/18 are:
45 mm at 500 m, 45°; 35 mm, 60°
40 mm at 1000 m, 60° ; 30 mm 60°

Therefore I think that a penetration of 70 mm for EP round is sufficient to justify these data. 150 mm was a penetration not observed in the similar calibre gun of Germans

gabriel pagliarani
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Post by gabriel pagliarani » 17 May 2003 09:51

"Effetto Pronto" was a hollow charge. Hollow charge=heat round. Someone in the forum stated that "hollow charges" were not in use during WW2. False statement.
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