Japanese 47mm AT Gun

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Japanese 47mm AT Gun

Postby Lupo Solitario » 19 Mar 2017 09:09

I got a question

47mm AT guns had been proving quite useless on western theatres since 1942, more or less, and they had to be substitued with higher calibers. opposite it seems that the Jap 47 mm gun was effective against Shermans and was still good at Okinawa in 1945. Which was its strongpoint?


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Re: Japanese 47mm AT Gun

Postby tom! » 02 Apr 2017 14:43


As most of the newest equipment was used in Europe there were many older tanks used in the Pacific Theatre, including Mathilda II, Medium M3 and early Medium M4 Versions. In addition the average combat range was far lower than in Europe and Africa. This made the Type 1 47 mm Gun still usefull in 1945. But it was not stronger than the a little older french Canon antichar de 47 mm modèle 1937 or 5 cm Pak 38.

- light
- small
- quite modern design (developed 1940/41) with easy handling
- ammunition same as for the Type 1 47 mm Tank Gun

The japanese army prefered light and easily manhandleable guns for their frontline troops. The Type 1 47 mm at-gun was already above the given weight limits and only accepted as it was badly needed. There was a 57 mm AT-gun under development from 1940 which was cancelled in 1943 when it had a weight of just over 1000 kg but only marginal better penetration power than the 47 mm gun due to excessive trials to lower the weight.
In 1944 a 75 mm at-gun was developed but only as a weapon for a Marder-style tank hunter (Type 5 7 cm Gun Carrier Na-To) as the weight was rated too high for a towed gun.
There was also a long-barrelled 105 mm tank gun developed for the successor of the O-I Superheavy Tank Project which was finished in fall 1944. It should also be used in a heavy tank hunter designed from mid 1945(experimental 10 cm gun carrier Ka-To).


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