Batterie Von Storch Neuwerk

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Re: Batterie Von Storch Neuwerk

Post by TH » 07 Mar 2021 16:56

As I said, I'm not convinced that it actually is a bunker. However, the ground around it looks disturbed, like is does around the other contructions.

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Re: Batterie Von Storch Neuwerk

Post by CuxDuh » 30 Nov 2022 20:23


Battery Hossfeld was located directly on the western outskirts of Altenwalde. The bedding of the single gun was finished at the end of the war. However, the cannon was never mounted. It was a French captured gun. The location was here: . Directly behind it was a light anti-aircraft position in the Altenwalde castle ruins. A little further south a small 15 cm. artillery position.

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Re: Batterie Von Storch Neuwerk

Post by tristan-gereon » 30 Nov 2022 21:18

I think, the guns were mounted. The 2 fotos should be from this location. Sometimes the Batterie is also called Hessfeld, but I think Hossfeld is correct.
Look also here in the forum:
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