Rudi Rolf has left us

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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by hakobordeaux » 02 Sep 2021 21:14

Hi gentlemen,
I met him in Raversijde in 2006 during atlantikwall congress. that was to hear him talking about his new book in Denmark ! i met there all atlantikwall specialists ! That was a very great moment to share ...
all my condolences to his family and loved ones ...
Thank you Rudi

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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by kstdk » 02 Sep 2021 21:58


May he rest in Peace.


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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by jbb20p7 » 03 Sep 2021 19:45


very sad news for all the bunker's word


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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by AvB » 05 Sep 2021 22:06

Rest in peace Rudi Rolf. Without him, the interest in German bunkers would definitely be on lower level these days. He was able to rise above the level of 'collecting type numbers' and present an overview on the reason why all of it was planned and built like it was.

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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by v60pih » 22 May 2022 20:12

I just read that the complete archive of Rudi is donated to the HBP-Historical war tracker and will be shared with all members of the app.
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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by robin-stahlbeton » 22 May 2022 22:09


Strange to read this, with all respect to the guys that made the app. But somehow those two just dont seem to match, on a professional level I mean. I hope the archive will have its best destiny, wherever it will go.


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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by Helly Angel » 23 May 2022 05:17

When someone like this dies, it is as if a library burned... Peace to his soul

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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by wimve » 23 May 2022 17:34

What I miss is this: what does an app have in common with an archive?

3D :

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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by Bunkerfreak » 29 May 2022 08:20

the idea and concept of the bunkerapp is good in my opinion, i placed a lot (some thousands) of belgian bunkers and ww1 german bunkers on this app. Nice to read that the archive of Rudi is given to their bunkerapp

An archive is good to get the bunkerlocations from, especially those who are hidden under the ground, place them on the app (in orange), note as "burried" and its easy for those who like to investigate the bunker, just buy the app and explore! (im always hope it can be a free app, but Stefano told me the use of the aerials and server-stuff costs a fortune, in that case i can understand it cant be for free)

Same for my kmz-files, i always use archives to pinpoint the locations of the bunkers on GE, destroyed, burried, surviving, just all. this gives an complete idea of the once build line.

Offcourse i'm aware that some third party, other teams and/or official governmental heritage persons are not always be happy with the locations given away. because of the artefacts that still remain in some of them, but for me its just a reason for the third partys to get them to work faster (especially governmental heritage), it should may not be possible that an hobbyist is working faster and complexer than profesionals :lol:


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der bunkermann
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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by der bunkermann » 29 May 2022 12:01

I agree, the idea is very nice.
Unfortunatly, in practice this app causes a lot of trouble, and damage to bunkers because every idiot can buy the app and a shovel and make a mess.
The result is the opposite of what we all are trying to do here, and that is to save the heritage and gain more knowledge about the atlantikwall.
Is can assure you that the bunker app don't contribute to neither of these, it Just serves as a "travel guide"..

Unfortunatly not everyone is serious in closing and hiding the holes after they visit the covered bunkers:-(

It would have been less of a problem if there had been only allready accessible bunkers on the app, and keep a little bit of the mystery around bunkers intact..

Tom, professionals have to work according to rules and laws, that is allways slower that a hobbyist :lol:

Jens Andersen
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Re: Rudi Rolf has left us

Post by Jens Andersen » 29 May 2022 13:03

because every idiot can buy the app and a shovel and make a mess.
Unfortunately, the ones who have made the app are such people themselves.
They have made a lot of illegal excavations in our area.


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