Stützpunkt 277 MKB York

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Re: Stützpunkt 277 MKB York

Post by pvv8 » 16 Dec 2022 15:55

Thanks for the confo !

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Re: Stützpunkt 277 MKB York

Post by jopaerya » 18 Dec 2022 09:57

Hello Etienne

Here the document with the top , here you can see the second column was not build but assigned.
Also these amounts are not correct , also B.Brommy has only two M 170/270 not four gun bunkers,
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Re: Stützpunkt 277 MKB York

Post by JKernwerk » 18 Dec 2022 14:32

I think the other three M170 were built MKB the Bastion II.
But we are still missing one M170, three MKB Bastion II and two at Brommy.

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Re: Stützpunkt 277 MKB York

Post by moonraker » 18 Dec 2022 22:00

yes you are right,but see the documents. Geplant 04/43, but it is the time of the old type stopped and replaced by new type ... M170 --> M270

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