Replica Bunker Fittings

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Replica Bunker Fittings

Post by TomGun » 12 Mar 2023 23:15

Hi all, I've just started a company that specialises in replication, designing and 3d printing small objects. some of my first pieces were German bunker fittings as my Dad runs Festung Guernsey so I cut my teeth replicating some bits for him. these are a great alternative for small parts that are required in bulk or single parts that are simply too hard to come by or too expensive to risk permanent display. here is a small selection of pieces I've made, I hope you enjoy.

Phone conection socket v12.png
switch v7.png
faceplate 5 switch v2.png
Dad Lid solid v1.png
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Re: Replica Bunker Fittings

Post by Bunkerfreak » 14 Mar 2023 19:08

wauw! 3D printing is one of the things i'm fantasizing alot, but to expensive for me to buy a good one. i draw lots of bunkers in 3D with sketchup which we measure in detail on the terrain, especially German bunkers from the ww1 era in the AOK 4 (Flanders) and AOK 7 (Laon) regions. it must been fantastic to print them sometimes in 3D on scale.

Very nice projects of yours!

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Re: Replica Bunker Fittings

Post by AvB » 16 Mar 2023 19:25

Very cool Tom. So these are all intended for plastic 3d printing?

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Re: Replica Bunker Fittings

Post by wimve » 17 Mar 2023 07:17

AvB wrote:
16 Mar 2023 19:25
Very cool Tom. So these are all intended for plastic 3d printing?
it is Tomgun who has started a company with plastic 3D printed bunker parts.

If you want it is nice to see how things looked like. I think it is not usable in a practical way. I mean a bakelite light switch may look nice but you can better buy one and use it to put on the light.

3D :

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