What type of artillery cannon is on the picture?

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What type of artillery cannon is on the picture?

Post by Arensburger » 10 Jan 2004 15:36

Example of Estn. Grz. Sch. Rgt. -s artillery 1944.
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David Lehmann
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Post by David Lehmann » 10 Jan 2004 16:08

It's a French 75mm Mle1897 (not modernized version : many French 75mm guns were modernized with tires before 1939).
This is the famous "75". Used by 18 countries including the US (until 1941), UK (1939-40 in small numbers), Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Finland (48, 12 of which arrived in time for the Winter War), Lithuania & Spain. France had 4500 in service in June 1940, most of which ended in German hands as FK 97(f), 231(f) and 232(f) used for 2nd line troops and fortifications. The FK 97(f) has wheels and is the basic model. The modernized version (with tires) is called FK 231(f) in German service. The 7.5cm FeldKanone 232(f) is the 75mm Mle97/33 AT gun version.
In 1942 the Germans converted 600 for anti-tank use (on the PaK 38 carriage) as the 7.5cm PaK97/38 for the Eastern front.



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